TESTIMONIALS – 2014 (8th)


8th annual POWER SHOWCASE world champion GA john Michael Boswell First and foremost, I have to say thank you to Brian, Lynn and all the people who made this event happen. An event like the Power Showcase cannot happen without dedicated and passionate people. We were all so fortunate to have people like Brian and Lynn and all the great writers, photographers, coaches, and trainers to help this incredible event happen. The experience I went through from day one to day four was unlike anything I have ever gone through and something I will never forget.  For that, I have to say thank you again! When my family and I received the call from Brian, I was not really sure what to think.  I was honored and humbled by the invitation and super excited.  Upon arrival to the field, the atmosphere was electrifying. The setting does not get much better than a place like Marlins Park.  It was a privilege to be able to play and compete at a venue like that stadium.  The thing that I enjoyed the most was that this event truly embodied what it meant to have fun while playing the game of baseball.  The excitement and pure joy could be seen by everybody as we all got to play the game we know and love. It was an honor to be able to play with the players who I met while I was there.  The amount of pure talent at this event was unreal.  I had the privilege of playing with and competing against some of the best baseball players I have ever seen.  
I have to say thank you once more for all the hard work that went into this event.  The memories I have come out with will last a lifetime.  Thank you Brian and Lynn for helping this incredible event go so smoothly.  Thank you to all the trainers and coaches who helped make me a better player and better athlete.  Thank you to the Human Performance Mentors for giving me a new look on the game and on life as a young baseball player with ambitions for the next level.  Thank you to all of the great writers and photographers for all your hard work.  Once again, thanks to all for the incredible experience and all the great memories.  I cannot wait for next year!John Michael Boswell – GA
 CA JORGE GARCIA JESSE GARCIA I would like to take the time to thank all of you for creating such a great experience for my brother Jesse and I.  From the moment that Brian called to tell me how he found me and what he thought of my UTUBE footage, to him putting his arm around me to tell me that he was proud of my performance, truly meant a lot to me.  My brother and I have never played together or competed in an event together, and to be able to share this experience of being able to participate in this showcase on a platform like this with him has created memories that will last a life time for both of us.  It has also created a vision and goal for us to continue to persevere and work hard towards one day playing together or opposing one another at the MLB level.  To have someone like Brian and his staff believe in you and your ability truly makes a difference in a young athlete’s life.  This platform has allowed me to see my potential and my areas that still need training and work.  Thank you to Linda Ruth Tossetti for the amazing stories of The Babe, and the presenting of the Colossus of Clout award.  To the mental coaches, I have walked away with a different thought process and understanding of who I am in relation to my game.  Thank you to the writers, photographers, and announcers for creating memories for my brother and I.  Thank you to the coaches and trainers who were there to help guide and support.  I also made some great friends along the way.  Thanks again for the amazing experience.Jesse Garcia – CA – Inaugural FUTURE STARS POWER SHOWCASE CHAMPIONJorge Garcia – CA – 8th Annual Power ShowcaseJorge and Jesse Garcia brothers for life
TX SAM CANALES Great work!  Sam and I had a great time and will have memories that last a lifetime.    Thank you for all the work you put into giving Sam such a great opportunity.Sam Canales – TX  (Hector Canales)
MS JACKSON CROCHET This showcase is a great event.  The Marlins Park facility is “crazy”. We’ve been to a lot of showcases, and nowhere else was the quality of players attending this high. So happy that we got the invitation to come and hope to be there again for the 9th annual Power Showcase.  Thanks Brian and Lynn for putting this all together and making it work so smoothly.Jackson Crochet – MS 
MO NEIL FISCHER Thanks for everything at the Power Showcase last week. It was a privilege for me to have been there with such a great and talented group of players. I really enjoyed it, learned a lot and hope to see you next year.Neil Fischer – MO 
IL TRENT JOHNSON “We get invites to attend many baseball and showcase events.  When Brian first contacted me to invite Trent, I was not familiar with the International Power Showcase / All World Classic.  I did some asking around, and Brian was great to return my calls and answer my questions.  All I can say is that I’m glad we had Trent attend.  The whole event was first class.  The baseball and home run derby aspects were very well done, and Marlins Park is a perfect venue.   However, what I really liked were the opportunities it provided Trent to grow as a person.  The “Home Runs That Help” program got him involved in the community, and created a relationship with his partner and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois that will last a lifetime.  During the event, he made many new friends from around the world, and playing in the USA vs World game was probably the best part of the whole trip.  It was well worth the investment, time and travel … and we hope that Trent will be invited for the 9th Annual event to cap off his senior year.”Trent Johnson – IL (Tony Johnson)
TX ROBERT LOWERY I just wanted to take a min to say Thank you….it was by far one of the best things we have done!!! Loved it!!! You are so awesome for putting all of this together. Robert Lowery – TX
PA ADAM MARING This showcase was an absolutely phenomenal event.  As a 2014 Future Stars participant, the showcase provided me the best opportunity to gain more experience.  There were many unforgettable moments during the showcase.  Meeting new kids from around the world was a highlight to this trip. I was very impressed with the quality of talented baseball players that I met. This showcase has better prepared me for a future in baseball, and I hope to attend next year. Thank you Mr. Domenico, showcase coaches, and staff.PA – Adam Norwood Maring
FL GRANT MCDANIEL Thank you so much for the invitation to the Power Showcase. I knew it was going to be special and it exceeded all of my expectations. It was great to talk to the players from all over the world and share our stories of overcoming adversity. The one thing we had in common was the tireless commitment to work hard and the dedication and persistence to play at a higher level. After a few days at the showcase, my Dad told me he felt Brian was the P.T. Barnum of Baseball because of the tremendous show he was putting on. All I can say, it truly was the Greatest Show on Earth and I had the best time of my life at the showcase. Thank you so much, Brian and Lynn, for putting on such a tremendous Showcase. You are very much appreciated! P.S. Please consider doing a Power Showcase for Freshman and Sophomore college players as I would really like to do this again. FL – Grant McDanielCalvary Christian H.S. 2014
RI - JAKE PROCACCIANTI Thank you for the opportunity to attend Power Showcase.  This was truly the best baseball experience I have had. I enjoyed meeting and forming friendships with players in my age group from different parts of the country and world. Playing on a professional field while being watched by pro scouts was an unbelievable experience. I look forward to  participating in Power Showcase in the future. Thank you Mr. Domenico, Power Showcase, and staff for an unforgettable experience.  Jake Procaccianti – RI
 Brian and Shawn Rapp Brian and Lynn:You two are fabulous! I can’t say enough of how pleased we were with your event. Everything went off like clockwork. This is our second event and they just keep getting better. Your attention to detail was amazing. It truly makes for a lifetime event for the whole family. Thanks so much for organizing this and all your hard work. Hope to see you again next year with Shawn.Tom Rapp (NJ) Father of two players (Brian Rapp Class of 2014; and Shawn Rapp Class of 2019)
NJ BRIAN RAPP Another great event! Well Done. I enjoyed it last year but think it got even better this year. Fantastic!!Brian Rapp – NJ –  8th Annual POWER SHOWCASEIMG Academy and Delbarton
Boston College 2014 Commit
NJ SHAWN RAPP Thank you very much! I am a 7th Grader and it was one of the funnest things I ever did. To play in real Major League Stadium (Miami Marlins) was so cool. Everything was great! I wish I came in first instead of second, but maybe next year. It was so fun and thanks again.Shawn Rapp – NJ 2014  POWER SHOWCASE Future Stars
ny nick tedesco The Power Showcase is every baseball player’s dream. To be able to put on the Power Showcase Uniform and participate in a High School Home Run Derby in a Major League Professional Ballpark is an experience that provides you with a taste of what being a major league baseball player is all about.  This experience has made me realize how bad I want this and I will work harder each and every day to try to make it to the big leagues.  I would like to thank Brian for his vision in putting this amazing event together.  Each year the Power Showcase Home Run Derby gets bigger and better which is a testimonial to Brian’s dream.  The videos and photographs are first class.  Brian’s team does an amazing job. Lynn is such a fabulous web master, I almost cried when I read the program and then saw my name on the big screen in Marlins Park.  I am so happy that I was able to hit a Home Run and experience this event as a High School Junior so that I can come back next year as a Senior. What makes this event even more special is the Home Run that Helps sponsorship.  Because of this showcase, I have strengthened my ties with the Miracle Baseball League of Long Island and hope to get my High School team more involved in this great cause.  Please use this link to see an article written and published after returning from the Power Showcase.  I can’t wait to receive my Home Run ball so I can dedicate to my sponsor.  Thank you Brian & Lynn for all you do!Nick Tedesco – NY – 8th Annual POWER SHOWCASESachem East Class of 2015