Testimonials-2012 (7th)

ca-denson-award-2012 To Brian, Lynn and the whole Power Showcase family. I just wanted to thank everyone involved with the Power-Showcase event for one of the best experiences I have had in baseball. From meeting so many great players and so many outstanding coaches and scouts and so many great baseball teams. Most of all making friends from all around the world and having an amazing amount of fun. All together, the competition was unbelievable, and to be able to compete on such a high level with so many great baseball players was really awesome. Not only did I learn about the game of baseball, I learned how to also become a better person on and off the baseball field, as well as how to conduct myself as a young man. The experience of going to the welcome dinner and receiving my jersey, to picking a child with special needs and making his day and putting a smile on his face is surreal. Having the privilege of playing on the new Miami Marlins Stadium was magnificent. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t in a dream. It was truly a thrill and a shock to myself when I hit the score board three times and breaking the record, then coming back the next day and winning the whole thing. I still feel like I’m in a dream and I don’t want to wake up. I’ve been playing baseball since I was 3 years old and my goal is to one day play in the major leagues. Power-Showcase gave me more of a push to always work 110 percent in practice and in the games. The Power-Showcase is an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life. I just want to say God is good, and I have truly been blessed. To all of the future Power-Showcase players, never give up on yourself and your dream. Baseball is a game of ups and downs. Always give it your best and believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Hard work really does pay off, God Bless.Thank you again Power-showcase,California DAVID DENSON – 7TH ANNUAL POWER SHOWCASE WORLD CHAMPION
can-naylor-award-underclass-champ-2012 Thanks again Brian and staff for this fantastic opportunity of pressure packed, energized event, the 2012 POWER SHOWCASE provided. From the moment I received the invite to each email sent keeping things on track (great job Lynn) added to my excitement. This is such a big-time event it should be broadcasted on ESPN. It was truly a fantastic experience that allowed me to make so many new friends from different parts of the world, I will always remember. What a RUSH it was performing on this big stage! Having this event in Marlins Park was awesome and everyone was treated first class!! I’m very proud I could represent my home run that helps partner Chase Galea, not only my 1st home run but all my home runs were dedicated to him and his daily battles. Big congrats to my fellow Canucks (4 out 10) in the finals – not too bad at all. Also a BIG shout out to my parents Jenice & Chris as well coaches Sean Travers and Dan Bleiwas without the support of these important people in my life none of this would be possible…..Canada JOSH “NAYLZ” NAYLOR * 2012 POWER SHOWCASE Under-Classman Champion & Finals Runner-up.
After attending the Power Showcase consecutive years, it is safe to say that this is an event that players will remember forever. Brian Domenico and his staff do an unenviable job on and off the field. Power Showcase makes every aspect of the trip enjoyable. Through this event, I have made friends that will last a lifetime. The participants in the Power Showcase are the rising stars in the world of baseball and will leave their legacy for all to see.Florida CORBIN WEEKS  2012 ALUMNI SELECT CHAMPION
5 STARS!!! You outdid yourselves this time. The 2012 International Power Showcase was the BEST Baseball Showcase event, EVER!!! So lucky to have been given an invitation to compete in the Inaugural 2012 ALUMNI Power Showcase. The 1st time at Chase Field for me 2 years ago at the Power Showcase was an “Over The Top” experience for me, my family and my friends. This time at Marlins Stadium it was EVEN BETTER! Having 3 former Power Showcase Champions return for the Alumni event made it a “Hall of Fame” atmosphere.I loved the opportunity to return and DOUBLE my HR production from 2 years ago. With being just 1 swing away from standing in the winners circle, I was more than “pumped” swinging for the fences in 1 of the most ELECTRIC new major league baseball stadiums. The ALUMNI Event was a real HOMERUN, (forgive the pun). The icing on the cake was to come home and watch the highlights on the MLB NETWORK. It only makes sense the BEST Baseball event on the planet attracts the BEST power hitters and ballplayers in the world.My sincere thank you to Mr. Brian Domenico. His dream of creating an unmatched worldwide baseball event that fulfills the dreams of so many, (the athletes, the families and friends) has come true.The BEST part of it all and I can speak from my own experience competing in the 2010 Power Showcase at Chase Field is the MEMORIES get even better as time goes on.A very special thank you to the POWER SHOWCASE team from Lynn and all around (the announcers, the camera crew, the video crew, etc.) who remind us how GREAT baseball is by bringing their “A” game to an experience and an event that I will tell my grandchildren about. Florida – JUSTIN BARD 2012 ALUMNI SELECT
 co-simon-award-7th The Power Showcase was a very humbling and exciting experience. The thought of playing and being on a Major League Baseball field was very cool. The first day at Homestead was overwhelming as I did not hit one ball off of the machine. As I looked around at the talented competition I didn’t know what I was up against before that. It was very cool to see so many different players from so many different places with the common goal- to win the Power Showcase. I especially enjoyed all of the equipment and uniforms that we received. Also, the thought of giving back to someone less gifted to you really opened my eyes. I am definitely looking forward to competing again next year. Thanks for the great experience.Colorado KYLE SIMON – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
co-simon-swing-2012-7th This was by far the most exciting baseball event Kyle and our family have ever attended! The setting, the professionalism, the people and “the goodies” were above and beyond what we expected. Going in, Kyle was worried about hitting just one HR and because of the competition decided he needed to step up his game and finish third in the finals. He hasn’t stopped talking about it, and when he does it’s with genuine excitement. I hope it will open a few doors for him in the coming year.   So thank you to you and your staff for all their hard work – it was appreciated and gave us memories for years to come. Looking forward to seeing you again in a “few” months for the 2013 version!  Mark, Merrellee, Marcus SimonColorado – KYLE SIMON – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
CA-TELLEZ-9397-BAT-7TH Thank you Brian and Lynn for inviting Rowdy back to the Power Showcase.  This year, the entire family accompanied Rowdy to Miami and we all had a wonderful time.  As with 2011’s showcase, Rowdy really enjoyed the opportunity to play ball with players from around the world and experience playing baseball in a major league ballpark.  Also, thank you for recognizing Rowdy with the Spirit of Babe Ruth Award.  This is truly an honor, particularly with the power hitters participating this year.  We wish you the best of luck in the years to come; you offer an amazing four days and create life long memories for the players and their families.  Take care, Lori, Greg, Rowdy and Amy Tellez Califonia – Rowdy Tellez
pan-bernal-uniform  It felt good to hit it out of an official MLB park. I will never forget this experience. I met a ton of great hitters from all over the World. Panama – IHAN BERNAL – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
I just wanted to let you know how much fun Blake had over the past few days. He typically doesn’t say too much but on the plane back today he said “Mom – that was a great event.” Thanks for inviting Blake. You all did a great job.Arizona – BLAKE WIGGINS – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
ALABAMA CAMERON DAVIS - POWER SHOWCASE Had another GREAT time at this years Power Showcase!!! Thanks for the invite…Miami and the  Showcase were a lot of fun!!Alabama – CAMERON DAVIS – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
 Alabama Trey Walding Power Showcase Many thanks to Brian and Lynn and everyone that had a part in making the 7th annual Power Showcase a success! The event was awesome, rewarding, and fun to say the least. I met so many other athletes and made some friends that I hope last a lifetime. I was honored and grateful to be part of such a great showcase. The uniforms, practice attire, bag, bat, banquet, etc….were all appreciated and very cool! It was evident that a lot of hard work was put into making this showcase top notch. Great experience and the long trip was well worth it! I wish you much success in the future. Last, but not least, I really enjoyed chatting back and forth with Lynn! Lynn is very easy and fun to talk to and goes out of her way to make sure that your profile page is set up the best possible way! She does a really fantastic job and I, and my mom, think she is wonderful to work with! Good luck in the future, Happy New Year, and many thanks again for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills! Yours In Baseball, Alabama – TREY WALDING – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
The power showcase was the best event I have attended. Everything from the formal dinner to the home run derby was top notch! I highly recommend this event to anyone who would like to compete against the best baseball players around!Florida – PETER CROCITTO – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
We want to thank you for inviting Brent to your showcase. It was a great experience for him. He was able to meet ballplayers from all parts of the world, start some new relationships, and receive great exposure. The event was well organized from start to finish and we were particularly impressed by the attention to detail and by how well he was treated by all of your staff. Lynn did a fantastic job with the website and the graphics that were displayed for each of the ballplayers on the screen at the ballpark was over the top! We would definitely recommend your event to anyone who is serious about getting seen by all of the “right” people and Brent looks forward to returning next year. Congratulations,Rudy & MiriamFlorida BRENT DIAZ – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
FLORIDA AUSTIN GARCIA POWER SHOWCASE Brian & Lynn:Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into Powershowcase. Is been an honor being able to participate two years in the Showcase, it has not only been a great experience as an athlete but also it has help create memories & relationships that I will treasure forever. Wish you & The Powershowcase family many more to come!!!Yours in baseballFlorida – AUSTIN GARCIA – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
NEW HAMPSHIRE ANDY LALONDE POWER SHOWCASE I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being invited to the Power-Showcase the last two years. It is the event I looked forward to all year. Being able to compete and play a game with the best players in the world is an honor. I have made friends with people from all over the world. Having the opportunity to compete with players of such a high caliber has made me more confident in everything I do. I have been able to play in professional stadiums in front of scouts and family. The exposure has been more than I could have hoped. If you ever have a college addition please let me know I would love to do it again.New Hampshire – ANDY LALONDE – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
The Power Showcase was the best event I have attended so far. It was dream come true to play baseball at the Marlins stadium with players from all over the world. It’s amazing how close you become with everyone in just 4 days! I felt really proud to be representing Pennsylvania in an atmosphere like the Power Showcase.Pennsylvania – JEXTIN PUGH – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Thank you for all of your hard work. You put on a first class event and Ben had a LOT of fun. He made many new baseball friends from all over! It was an amazing group of talent.Tennessee – BEN LOWE – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Thanks – we all had a great time, especially me. It’s been over 30 years since I had a chance to field flay balls. Where’s the ibuprofren…Thanks Again.BOCA LITTLE LEAGUE – TOM DRAGOS – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Just a HUGE thanks for allowing my son, Mason Studstill, to be able to participate on such short notice the 7th annual Power Showcase in Miami. It was one expierence that he will never forget. He made some great friends and learned so much. We hope to be back next year. Thanks again, Donovan Studstill Florida – MASON STUDSTILL – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
I want to take a minute to thank you for including me in the 7th Annual Power Showcase this past week. I just returned home to Philadelphia and had time on the plane to think about all that I accomplished over the week and about the entire experience. I have had many great baseball experiences and have had the opportunity to play with a lot of great players, but I have to say this was probably the best baseball experience I have had.I wish I could point to one thing that made it great, but it was the overall vibe that made it so great. So many great and talented players in a great environment and inside the coolest stadium in the United States. I was pleased with my performance and was happy to have had my name atop the leaderboard at the Power Showcase for a brief time. I am hoping to return next year and can promise you that I am going to hit at least 5 homeruns in the preliminary round!!Watching my dad spend so much time doing all of the things he does with baseball makes me appreciate all of the hard work that people like you do so that players like me and the others can benefit so much. I can’t wait to see the video and pictures. All of my friends and teammates were following along via Twitter and with the live stream and I can’t wait to get to the New Years party tonight to show them all my photos and tell them all the great stories.Thank you very much and I hope that you and your family have a great 2013 and I hope to see you again next year.Pennsylvania – JAKE ROSENBERG – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
This years Power Showcase was by far one of the best baseball experiences I have ever had in my life.  I had a great time every day getting to play in top notch facilities and playing with some of the best players in the nation. Thanks again for everything and making this event possible.New York – NICK FANNERON – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
il-goldsmith-uniform-7TH  I would just like to thank Brian Domenico for inviting me to the Power Showcase. It was the best event I’ve been to, and everything was run so well. It was awesome to get the opportunity to play in a professional ball park with so many great players. I was proud to represent Illinois and make friends with kids from all over the country. I had so much fun and will never forget the great experience I had at the 2012 Power Showcase. Thank you to Brian and Lynn for everything.  Illinois – NICK GOLDSMITH – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
“Thank you for inviting Drew to participate in the 2012 Power Showcase! Playing in Marlin Stadium against top players around the world was an awesome experience for Drew and fantastic for me to watch! You represent a first class, top notch program. What an honor for all the boys in attendance. We definitely recommend this program to any serious ball player.”CINDI DOORNENBALIowa – DREW DOORNENBAL – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE

Ruar Verker Netherlands Power Showcase

I had a great time at the showcase. It was great to play in a MLB stadium and everyone was nice there. I saw a lot of good players better then I thought.
Netherlands/Holland – RUAR VERKERK – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
ILLINOIS MICHAEL DIVIEST POWER SHOWCASE “What an incredible experience to be part of the 7th annual Showcase. It was way beyond what I expected. The experience of playing with and hanging out with such talented players from all over the country and the world was awesome. Also, being able to play at Marlins Ballpark was an experience I will never forget. I definitely see this showcase continuing to grow and becoming THE go-to showcase for the top talent. Thanks to both Brian and Lynn for making this such a great experience for both me and my parents.Illinois – ANTHONY DIVIESTI – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
fl-swinaraski-uniform-7TH This is the best showcase that Joey has ever been involved with!! Ted SwinarskiFlorida – JOEY SWINARSKI – 7th Annual POWER SHOWCASE
CALIFORNIA CASEY WORDEN POWER SHOWCASE This was my second Power Showcase event. The opportunity to play on two major league fields has been amazing. I have been very fortunate to have played at both Chase Field in Arizona as well as the Marlin’s Field in Florida thanks to this fabulous showcase event. I must say that of all the events I have attended, the Power Showcase has been the best! The Home Runs That Help program allowed me the opportunity to help raise funds for a friend suffering with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy. I would attend again next year if I could and I would highly recommend it to anyone.California – CASEY WORDEN – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
The power showcase event is the most prestigious event in the world! And it was an honor to be selected to it. All the best hitters in the WORLD in one place! There is nothing like it.. The experience is something that will never be forgotten as well as the competition. The best competing against the best! It was an honor and an amazing event, that nobody should overlook!Texas – JACOB BARFIELD – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE

“The Power Showcase was an incredible experience. I was very fortunate to play side by side with some of the greatest players from around the world and compete in a spectacular ballpark (Marlins Park). This was an excellent opportunity for me and I am very appreciative for the chance to be a part of the Power Showcase. Thank you!”
ARIZONA JOEY PINNEY POWER SHOWCASE WOW !! you guys have done it again, the experience last year in Arizona was amazing and so professional we were so excited Joey was selected again this year to experience the new Marlins Stadium. The Power Showcase-High School Home Run Derby tops all showcases and the amount of great talent that come together for 4 days to show what they have is fun to watch, The uniforms, practice jerseys, Chandler Bats are all top quality. Lynn and Brian do a great job pulling it all together and getting it right. Thank you again for giving our son Joey the chance to live a dream, hitting home runs at Chase Field and Marlins Stadium, and making so many new friends, It was a lot of fun getting to watch David Denson get the new world record in the longest home run too. We can’t wait to see the Leaf trading cards that come out – that was a nice surprise..Best of Luck to you in many more Annual Power Showcases.
Debbie Pinney
AR-PINNEY-9642-HIT-7TH Ms. Lynn thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the Power Showcase without your work many of the special things we see on the website and program wouldn’t be there. this was my second year to be a part of the showcase and I feel so humble to have been selected again. The great guys I got to meet and being a part of the group that got to see David set the new world record made it even more special. I was excited to see Leaf Trading Cards be a part of the showcase this year and look forward to seeing all the guys cards in April. I look forward to keeping up with the showcase for many more years to come. Mr. Domenico has done a great job selecting great talent to be a part of this and pray for many years of success to come his way. Giving God The Glory Always.  Arizona  – JOEY PINNEY – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
I almost did not attend the showcase because of my ankle injury but I didn’t want to miss the event. The coaches were very cool and worked with me so I could participate as much as possible. It turned out to be a good experience. I loved the level of competition, playing in the new Marlins Stadium and meeting players from all around the world. Glad I went!Texas – KHEVIN BREWER – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Lynn I just wanted to take the time to thank you and Brian for such a beautiful experience for our son Anthony. This was his first showcase ever and he had a great time!Paula DiFabioFlorida – ANTHONY DIFABIO – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Thanks again guys for all the hard work and cooperation from your entire staff . Zach had a unbelievable experience , and from doing all the showcases that are available out there , this showcase has a great ” feel ” and understanding of what it’s all about ” HAVING FUN. I saw a lot of smiles at the ballpark . We loved it . Diane & Coach Shane Risedorf TeamCt Baseball / 18uConnecticut – ZACH RISEDORF – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
FLORIDA CJ CHATHAM POWER SHOWCASE I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great event, and inviting me  to be a part of it.  It was cool having dinner in the upper concourse of Miami Marlins Stadium.    Participating in the Home Run Derby and games that followed in the actual Marlins  stadium, was also a great experience.  I have already had a pro scout come to my house, and mention seeing me play at your event.  It was cool seeing old baseball friends, and meeting other players from all over the world.  My travel team, South Florida Elite Squad, have attended and won a lot of very big showcases over the past two years, and this was as much fun as any of them.   You run a great event, with a lot of talented  players. Thank you again for an experience I will never forget.Florida – C.J. CHATHAM – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Beautiful facilities, great people and amazing baseball talent! Brian and his team worked 24/7 to provide an experience of a lifetime. Truly a world class event. Overall, I had a great time.Illinois ALEX CAIN – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
The power showcase has been one of my all time great baseball experiences so far. I had the opportunity to meet and compete against many great kids from all over the world. Brian did a great job of selecting the best of the best, and that showed throughout the entire show case. It’ll be something I never forget.New York – RICKY NEGRON – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
fl-birklund-uniform-6633-7th  I thought the Power Showcase was awesome. It was a lot of fun being around, in and playing in the Marlins Park. Meeting all the guys and making new friends was a blast. I thought it was pretty cool how we all got inside access to anything we wanted. The opportunity to pitch in the stadium was amazing. all of the coaches were cool and informative. Overall I thought the whole trip was just awesome and a huge success.Florida – ERIC BIRKLUND – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
nj-rapp-uniform-7TH Thank you Brian for inviting our son to this awesome event. You run such a well put together program and Lynn makes it all seem so effortless!!Our son had the experience of a lifetime!! He enjoyed talking and playing with other quality ball players from across the USA and other countries. It was a taste of the big leagues!! Every serious ball player should want to attend this. Brian can’t wait til next year!!Thanks for all you do for our sons and their futures in baseball–Tom and Lisa RappNew Jersey – BRIAN RAPP – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
fl-ruiz-BAT-7TH Thank you again for a fantastic event. It was truly an exciting experience, one that the whole family enjoyed.  Myra RuizFlorida – JOHNNY RUIZ
mo-brown-atbat-7th  I have participated in the Power Showcase for the past three years and each year I have been really impressed. It just keeps getting better and better. The players are outstanding, and everything from the welcome dinner to the homerun derby and games is top notch. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and opportunity to get to play among the best. Missouri – MATT BROWN – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
tn-blackfan-uniform-7TH I want to start off by saying how blessed I am to have been able to participate in such an incredible event! I met some great guys from around the country that I will continue to stay in touch with! The experiences I had in Marlins Park will stay with me forever! Can’t wait to come back next year!Tennessee – LOGAN BLACKFAN – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
fl-schmidt-uniform-7TH I guess I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, when you asked me to participate in the Power Showcase. Being surrounded by the talented players and staff was A chance of a lifetime. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has the Chance. Brian and Lynn, I thank you for all you’ve done and look forward to Doing it again next year.Florida – JACOB SCHMIDT – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
tn-roberts-bat1 Thanks for all of your hard work and assistance. Although Baylor was injured and could not fully participate as he would have liked, he really enjoyed the event and we, as parents, loved seeing Baylor have a blast playing ball. – KEITH OBERT I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your hospitality and assistance at the 2012 PowerShowcase. I can honestly say this was the best baseball experience I’ve ever had. It was both a privilege and an honor to play with some of the best young baseball talent in the country and the world. You and your staff did a great job making everyone feel welcome and you truly made each player feel like a “big leaguer.” I especially enjoyed hanging out for 3 days at Marlins Park and getting to play on an MLB field. Thanks again for everything.Mississippi – BAYLOR OBERT – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
tn-rooker-7546-thumbnail Being a part of the Powershowcase event was an incredible experience. The workouts were well organized, the game extremely competitive and the Home Run Derby a lot of fun. In addition, it was great to meet so many talented baseball guys from all over the world!Tennessee – BRENT ROOKER – 7TH Annual POWER SHOWCASE
We had a nice time and it was an awesome experience for Angel. Again thank you and Brian for all that you do for the boys. God Bless.


Awesome stuff. What a great job. You guys are such a class organization. We are really looking forward to next years event for both Brian and Shawn
Tom and Lisa Rapp – New jersey – Brian Rapp – 7th Annual POWER SHOWCASE