Testimonials – 2010 (5th)


Coach Brian,I thank you so much for putting together such an awesome event! The event is run so well, and everyone feels so welcome. This POWER SHOWCASE is something that I will never forget, and for me to be lucky enough to win this event means even more. It shows how good of a person you are for you to put together such an awesome event for us players. If someone gets the chance to do this they need to take advantage of the opportunity. I made friends that will last me a lifetime as well as memories. Again thank you so much, and I wish that I had one more year to come back and enjoy this again.


Billy “Nick” Williams – TX

Brian,Thanks so much for the invitation to the 2010 Powershowcase! I surely was not disappointed.  It was a great experience for me and getting to meet other talented baseball players from the US and other countries was also great.  Before being invited, I had always heard about the Powershowcase and thought how great it would be to participate.  I hope to see you for the next scheduled Powershowcase event in 2011.  My parents also enjoyed themselves and were very pleased as to how everything was well organized.  (Thanks Lynn and Kathi)Again I’m looking forward to the next Showcase

!TEXAS – Billy “Nick” Williams – 5th Annual Showcase

Nate Irving – NY

Mr. Domenico,I’d just like to thank you for a wonderful week.  From the first moments to the last, your program was exciting, fun and well organized.  One cannot replicate the feelings that rush through your body as you step to the plate at a pro stadium and realize that you now have to blister balls over the fence, where only major leaguers hit them.  It is truly a great experience and a big step in everyone’s maturation as a ballplayer.  I was honored to be able to participate in the derby, and I really enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones, all through baseball.With that- after realizing the focus on community service that comes with the Power Showcase, I very much want to get involved.  And that is why I spoke to you after the opening night dinner.I help with a few community outreach programs in my area that I think would blossom under the name of the Power Showcase, and that I think would only benefit your program.I work with an organization called Home Run Hopefuls that was founded by an alum of my high school a few years ago. The goal of Home run Hopefuls is to collect new or used baseball apparel and equipment, and then distribute all of the collected items to an impoverished community in the Dominican Republic.  With the support of the Power Showcase, we would be able to help many more impoverished children, as well I think it would give you an opportunity to expand Power Showcase into the D.R. through philanthropic means.Secondly, a very very close friend of mine created an organization called “22K Send-A-George” after suffering severe head and brain injuries from crashing into another player during a game.  To make a long story short- my friend, Alec Silverman, was playing 2nd base on his middle school team as a 6th grader, and as a pop up went to short right field, he went back for it as the right fielder came in.  They collided, and as Alec’s head crashed into the other player’s knee he suffered a fracture of his skull, a major concussion, and other broken bones in his face.  He spend a week in the intensive unit of the hospital, and after a fight for his life, he walked out of the hospital without any help.  Alec established 22K in order to give back to kids with severe injuries or disabilities in hospitals, and he frequently returns to the hospital in which he was cared for to deliver Curious George stuffed animals to children, and to tell his story.  Only recently have I become involved in his organization, but in that short amount of time I have seen many amazing things. I think that if we could get the participants of next year’s showcase to take one afternoon and visit a local hospital to continue the tradition of 22k, it would be a great opportunity for the players to give back to their community not only in monetary value of donation, but physical time spent.  As well, I think it would be a great PR opportunity for Power Showcase as it would also embody everything that Babe Ruth stood for, and show that even the best baseball players in the country are still conscious of their community and those less fortunate than them.I know that some of these things are big projects but I am prepared to tackle those projects with you if this is something that is of interest. Again, I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for the players as well it would be a great PR opportunity for Power Showcase.

Please let me know what you think, I know this has been a very long and extensive email and I don’t want to add anymore.  You can reach me by email/call/text/etc…my cell phone number is 914.406.0300 and my home phone number is 914.337.9405.

I hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks again for a most wonderful opportunity.
NEW YORK – NATE IVRING  – 5th Annual Showcase

Jack Pritchard – CT

Brian,Both Jack and I want to thank for a tremendous experience . The Power-showcase is by far the best high school event and the only one of it’s kind. The main reason for it’s success is because of you! It is refreshing to be involved with a person of high integrity, genuine love of the game and a commitment to the players . I know Jack will cherish the experience for the rest of his life.Thank you for believing in Jack and his abilities.Sincerely


Gabe Craven – SC

Dear Brian, I would like to start off by saying that you deserve so much credit for this. All the hard work that it takes to make this happen is unbelievable. I knew i was going to have a fun time, but i had no clue that I was going to have the time of my life. Everything was so organized and functional it was incredible, and of course being around kids from all around the country and getting to interact with them was a great experience too. I would say if anybody were to ever have a chance to do this, make sure you take advantage of it because if i could i would go back in a heartbeat. Thank you so much Brian for giving me the opportunity to do this. Hope all goes well in the future.

SOUTH CAROLINA – GABE CRAVEN  – 5th Annual Showcase

Andrew Gough – FL

Coach Domenico & Lynn
I just wanted to thank you for giving my son Andrew Gough a great experience. You have a 1st class organization and event. I was very impressed with all the young men who attended, so much talent and an awesome display of sportsmanship. I like the way you handled the players and what you said about no excuses. I’m very proud that my son is part of this. We look forward to next year!PS Lynn you have done an awesome job with the next and the entire process Thank you!!John Gough FLORIDA – ANDREW GOUGH – 5th Annual Showcase

Justin Bard – FL

Dear Coach Domenico & StaffThe Power Showcase Team,I wanted to thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. I have never been part of a higher quality event than your amazing Power Showcase.As you know I was fortunate enough to have friends who participated previously. They told me there was nothing like it. It truly was an understatement. I have never had more fun, more excitement and more thrills playing baseball. From the moment my family and I arrived at the San Diego Padres spring training stadium to practice and later received my personalized Power Showcase jersey from you at the banquet, I think I had goose bumps for three straight days.   I met some fantastic athletes from all over including a future college teammate.Meeting Babe Ruth’s granddaughter was extra special. She was warm and full of great stories. Mr. Shenbaum was also one of the best speakers I have ever heard.The next two days at Chase Field was a dream come true. We couldn’t have been treated any better by you, your team or your sponsors. Your generosity was beyond measure.  I learned much in those three days but probably most of all I learned about having an understanding about how to give back and why it’s important.  Hitting a home run is a great feeling but knowing that I was able to help someone who has had his share of challenges was even better. Since I returned home I have gotten calls everyday from family and friends who watched it live on the internet and said they were glued to the computer and really enjoyed it. Once again thank you big time for allowing my family and myself to create the most awesome baseball memories forever.

FLORIDA – JUSTIN BARD – 5th Annual Showcase

Dear Brian,

Our fondest and most heartfelt thanks on behalf of my family and myself for allowing the boys to participate in the Power Showcase. I don’t know who was more excited, them or I. All I know is a more 1st class baseball event can’t be found.

To a Great Season & Beyond…..

Dr. Perry Bard


Dear Coach Brian,

Thank you very much for letting me shag balls at the Power Showcase. Chase field is awesome. It was the greatest stadium I have ever seen.

I told all my friends and they said I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I could have done it forever. I caught Bryce Harper’s balls and even caught my brothers 1st homerun ball after it was thrown back to me in left field.

I appreciate this chance that you have given me.

Your Friend,

Devin Bard

Zach Ratcliff – OH

Coach Domenico – I would like to thank you for not only allowing me to be apart of this event, but also on behalf of my friend Jillian Turner and the “Home Runs That Help” campaign. My experience was a once in a lifetime, being able to compete with the best POWER HITTERS in the world is one I’ll always remember. I’m usually not crazy about showcase events and can honestly say that I’ve never left saying I want to do that again, but I’ll see you next year! Thank you again for a great 3 days and the opportunity to showcase my talents.OHIO – ZACH RATCLIFF  – 5th Annual Showcase

Chris Jones – NC

Hello, This is Tammy Rodrigues, mom of Chris Jones (North Carolina).  I wanted to thank-you for everything you guys did in Phoenix, AZ.  It was an amazing event.  All of us had an amazing time!! Your event in Phoenix has definitely motivated Chris.  He has been a different person since he’s been back.  Phoenix & Chase Stadium taught him A LOT!!!  So…..thank-you!!!  Chris has mentioned to us a few times that he wants to go back next year.  So, we were wondering if the “babe ruth division” will be asked to return???Tammy Rodrigues – Chris JonesNORTH CAROLINA – CHRIS JONES  – 5th Annual Showcase

Ryan Bull – MN

Thanks Lynn, and thanks for the GREAT time.  We all enjoyed it! Da’ Bulls
MINNESOTA – RYAN BULL – 5th Annual Showcase

Zach Fish – MI

Thank you so much… we had a great time!  You guys are doing an awesome thing for HS baseball… Keep up the good work,

MICHIGAN – ZACH FISH – 5th Annual Showcase

Tanner Rahier – CA

He and we had a great time!Sincerely,Wendy Rahier CALIFORNIA – Tanner Rahier – 5th Annual Showcase

Kevin Krause – NY

I hope that you had a safe trip home.  Kevin received his uniform in the mail and it was the nicest uniform he has ever had.   I only wish that he had the chance to use it.  He and I are still hoping that he and the other boys will have the opportunity to wear them.   I would again ask that you consider having a showcase for those who did not make it to Arizona.  I have many contacts in NY and I would be able to make arrangements with a few stadiums.   Bear Stadium in Newark.  Staten Island Yankee Stadium.  MCU Park in Coney Island are very strong possibilities.  I have already contacted Senator Andrew Lanza, Jerry Lee from the Staten Island Advance, Richard Nicotra (Hilton Hotel),  and Frank Montalvo to name a few who are very much interested in putting this together.  I too am comfortable running special events and would be happy to assist you. My main goal is to showcase the talent of ALL  the boys that were invited.  I am very much looking forward to hearing from you. Valerie Krause

NEW YORK – KEVIN KRAUSE – 5th Annual Showcase

Caleb Bryson – GA

Thanks! You guys did a great job

!GEORGIA – CALBE BRYSON – 5th Annual Showcase

Elliot Richoux – TX

The field was very tough this year. Y’all have clearly made a leap ahead in exposure. KUDOS to you all. The event was fantastic and everything was managed very well.Unfortunately it didn’t go as we hoped for us. We really hoped Elliot would make the final five; just didn’t work out.Thanks for everything.Deborah –TEXAS – ELLIOTT RICHOUX – 5th Annual Showcase

Matt Beaty – TN

Dear Coach Brian and Power Showcase Staff,Thank you so much for this opportunity! I never thought I would ever be chosen for such an honor and a privilege. The dinner was an awesome experience. I loved how it was well thought out and put together to make everyone feel important. The jersey was extremely cool and the red pants just topped off the whole uniform! The whole experience will be something I will never forget and will take with me to the next level. I learned many qualities that will not only make me a better baseball player but also a better person. Thanks again for the phenomenal opportunity and experience!Sincerely,

TENNESSEE – MATT BEATY and Family  – 5th Annual Showcase

Dylan Butler – LA

Brian, I just want to start off by saying, Thank you for the best and most exciting experience of my life at The 2010 Power Showcase Home Run Derby on Chase Field. The Power Showcase is an amazing program; I just wish I was a sophomore so I would have the chance to do it a couple more times. It was well put together, and everyone did a fantastic job. The Guest speakers were very motivating for us High School players, I know for a fact not one player will forget about their experience at the Power Showcase Home Run Derby. Chase Field was priceless; Words cannot explain the feelings and emotions I had hitting on Chase Field, It made you feel special, it made you feel like you were a Major League Player. I would recommend this program to any High School Player. Brian I just want to thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

LOUISIANA – DYLAN BUTLER – 5th Annual Showcase