Testimonials – 2010 (4th)


Travis Flores – AZ – 4th Annual World Champion

I want to start off by saying, Thank you for a wonderful experience. Brian we thought your Power Showcase was a well put together event, the people you had working for you were very nice and did a fantastic job. The guest speaker’s were very motivating for the boys. What Marcos and I thought of the home run derby, we are very glad you put together this, to show the next level and the power of these boys and how special to be able to do this in the Tropicana. Brian you have worked hard putting this together 4 years in a row and thank you for letting us be a part of one of the most amazing experience’s ever for our son. Adding the “Home Runs That Help” this year made a lot of people very happy, and that sure does mean a lot. I also want to say a special thanks to everyone that has worked hard to make this happen, and your video and photographer how amazing they did a fantastic job.Brian Thank you again for everything and being apart of this!!!

 Andrea & Marcos Flores


Brian, I have to tell you that Ron and I feel that if Bryce had not been in the Power Showcase, he would not be where he is today.  The exposure he received was astronomical.  We appreciate your hard work in getting his name out there like you did and what you do for the other young men who compete in the Showcase.We look forward to seeing you again in December! Thanks again for everything!

Sheri & Ron Harper –


Travis Harrison – CA

Dear Brian, I thought I’d share with you, an article written in our local paper covering the presentation of Travis Harrison’s 504′ home run ball to Cody Day, the boy sponsored in Home Runs that Care. It was not only a wonderful evening, but the event raised some money for the family, brought more attention to Cody’s situation and maybe most importantly, was Cody’s first “night out” in months surrounded by his friends. We’re very proud to have participated in the event and on behalf of the Harrison family, we want to thank you for the invitation.  We felt that everyone we encountered related to the event was a real “class act.”If I could ask a favor of you and forward this to Linda. I enjoyed visiting with her over the course of the week. (I hope the Babe would be proud.)Best regards,


CALIFORNIA – TRAVIS HARRISON – 4th Annual Power Showcase

Dante Bichette, Jr – FL

Power is the most coveted tool in baseball. One swing of the bat can change the game. When Brian Domenico called me about the Power Showcase I thought it was just another showcase. Then he mentioned “Home Run Derby”, and “the Top High School Power Hitters in the World”- I knew Dante Jr. would love it. If you want to get the attention of scouts & recruiters, Try hitting a ball off the catwalk at Tropicana Field, Then having a highlight video placed on youtube. Dante Jr. loved this event; he got tremendous exposure and attention from this event.It was an honor to be invited and an absolute blast

FLORIDA – DANTE BICHETTE, JR.  – Florida 3rd Annual Power Showcase – 4th Annual Power Showcase

ok-cleveland-brothers-testimonial-4th-2010 Over the many high school All-American events / All-Star games we were invited to play baseball in, the  International Power-Showcase All-American Home Run Derbywas one of the top First Class All-American events and ranks as our favorite high school All-American / All-Star event that we were invited to.  It will be a lasting memory that we were selected to compete as the first set of brothers in the Power – Showcase All-American Home Run Derby.


Cole Gleason – AZ

I want to start off by thanking Brian Domenico for inviting me to the home run derby. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I would also like to thank every person who helped out making sure the event went smooth. Every day of the event was fun. Everything was well organized and scheduled. The actual derby was awesome. All the guys were fun to be around and all very supportive. Adding the Home Runs that Help this year was an awesome idea. I know every one of the kids that got represented had the biggest smile on their face, I know Logan did. It is just another easy way to help change people’s life. I will never forget this experience and I hope I get to come back next year and put on another show! Thanks again.

ARIZONA – COLE GLEASON, Tim & Teri –  4th Annual Power Showcase

Matt Aldridge – Australia

Hi All Just to let you know that Matt Aldridge from Australia had a wonderful experience in Tampa with the Power Showcase in January 2010. I would like to thank Brian for the opportunity that Matt had. Mixing with players outside  Australia was a wonderful experience for Matt and Myself.Please pass on my best and we will be watching from Australia in 2011.  Clay Aldridge

AUSTRALIA – MATT ALDRIDGE 4th Annual Power Showcase

Dear Coach Domenico, I would like to thank you for inviting me to attend the 4th Annual Power Showcase Home Run Derby at Tropicana Field. IT was an experience that I will never forget. The weekend was fantastic, from meeting all the players to batting practice to the dinner and how special you made us all feel. The actual event on Sunday was spectacular, hearing my name being announced and seeing my picture on the jumbotron ws amazing. Hitting my home runs in a major league stadium was truly a remarkable feeling. Your passion shows in what a great weekend and how organized it all way.  I thank you again for the spectacular experience. I hope to see you next year!Thanks again,

NEW YORK – MICHAEL VIGLIAROLO – 4th Annual Power Showcase

Ryan Kinsella – NJ

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in the 2010 Power showcase. The experience of hitting in a major league ballpark was one that I have always dreamed of, and will hopefully one day become an every day routine. I would also like to thank you on behalf of my friend Will Gerhard for “Home Runs That Help.” He told me that seeing his face on the Jumbotron was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him due to his illness. Thanks to the Power Showcase he was able to fulfill one of his dreams and see his face on the Jumbotron of  Major League Stadium. Once again I would like to thank you for holding this event as well as allowing me to participate. Thank You!

NEW JERSEY – RYAN KINSELLA  – 4th Annual Power Showcase

Ryan Toimil – FL

I have been meaning to express our families gratitude to the power showcase. Our purpose is simply to thank you and Coach Domenico for a well run and professional like home run derby.  Lynn, the way I see it is not just about hitting home runs, but about developing and guiding very talented young man who are fortunate enough to be invited to participate, reinforcing to them respect for the game with talented well respected speakers, instruction as well as providing them with insight on what it takes to get to the next level (Yankee complex). The program in general is so complete, full of information, fun and conveys a great message, “respect not just for your talents but life in general, to be honest,  having been around baseball for many years and in recent memory,  I have never witnessed a greater group of kids assembled as one family, humble, nice, well spoken and respectful.  At least the many we ran across.  I know it takes a lot to make it all happen but I encourage Mr. Domenico and your team to continue with this fine endeavor.  We are all very proud of Coach Domenico, who besides all he does for the kids in our district he finds the time to organize such a great event.Warmest Regards,

Al Toimil


FLORIDA – RYAN TOIMIL – 4th Annual Power Showcase

Brandon Murray – Bahamas

I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you for the experience presented to my family and the Bahamas on the invite of Brandon Murray.  The experience gained thru watching and participating in the events was one that I wish all high school Juniors and Seniors could have.  As a coach in The Bahamas and a member of our Baseball Federation, it is my hope that our Country can be a participant in the years to come.  Again thank you and I look forward to a continued participation.Regards,

Brandon and Bertram Murray – Bahamas – 4th Annual Power Showcase