About PSC

The POWER SHOWCASE All-World/All-American Baseball Classic seeks to celebrate one of the finest moments in sports, the Home Run, while providing a platform for the top high school power hitting prospects from 27 countries around the world to demonstrate their overall skill-set in a major league stadium in front of baseball’s top evaluators.

Created in 2004 by Brian Domenico, the POWER SHOWCASE International High School Home Run Derby has evolved into one of the most exciting, can’t-miss events of the year.

POWER SHOWCASE participants must achieve and maintain a high-level academic status, while possessing the redeeming leadership qualities and determination that exemplify respect in keeping with the game of baseball. All POWER SHOWCASE participants are hand-picked by Domenico and are invited to compete on the international stage.

In 2003, Brian Domenico, head baseball coach at Olympic Heights Community High School in Boca Raton, Florida, and his team were holding a car wash to raise money for the Olympic Heights Lions baseball program. After four hours, the team had only washed seven cars. Domenico knew it was not a lack of effort that prevented his team from raising significant funds, but rather the absence of an appealing and novel fundraising event. As a result, he endeavored to find a more interesting and entertaining method for funding the Lions program. Since the money raised would be used for baseball, he thought incorporating the sport into the fundraiser would be an excellent way to engender interest. Domenico had heard of a local county in Florida that held a countywide home run derby for high school baseball players. This piqued Domenico’s interest, and while he thought a home run derby would be a fun and successful way to generate money for his high school program, he had grander ideas than simply a local competition. For the next several months, Domenico made hundreds of phone calls to high school coaches throughout South Florida inquiring about potential participants, and on January 17 and 21, 2004, the first South Florida POWER SHOWCASE High School Home Run Derby was held at Olympic Heights.  From its modest beginning as a regional competition in South Florida, the POWER SHOWCASE has grown into a must-see event in which the top power-hitting prospects from the United States and abroad including representatives from Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Curacao, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Venezuela, and the Virgin Islands, compete to see who will be crowned the next POWER SHOWCASE World Champion.

In 2011, Domenico decided to introduce the game element to the event, thus completing the opportunity to promote and market each player to the fullest extent possible.

In 2014, Domenico announced the release of the Future Stars division.  The Future Stars will feature the top 10 to 14 year-olds in the country, and will soon promote the best in the world. The format will be identical to the high school-aged group, including games.

In 2014, Brian Domenico announced the addition of the National POWER SHOWCASE. The National event was held at the Texas Rangers Globe Life Ball Park in Arlington October 31st though November 2nd. The event is a condensed version of main (World) 9th Annual POWER SHOWCASE .  The National is a three-day event. Day 1 – Is the Welcome Dinner & Uniform Presentation Ceremony. Day 2 – Is the preliminary round for the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby. During the Future Stars Home Run Derby.

The 10th Annual Power Showcase and All-World/All-American Classic will feature a “Pro Scout Day” for the benefit of major league scouts, college coaches and fans. The next two days will consist of the preliminary rounds of the Home Run Derby. The last day will feature the crowning of the 2016 POWER SHOWCASE World Champion and four games highlighting the best amateur baseball players in the world.

Over one half of POWER SHOWCASE participants were drafted by major league organizations directly out of high school. The remaining participants go on to play for major Division I and junior college programs and were/will likely be selected in upcoming MLB drafts.

POWER SHOWCASE Schedule and Format:

  • Day 1 – will consist of a Pro Scout Day, and later in the evening is the Welcome Dinner and Jersey Presentation Ceremony.
  • Days 2 & 3 are comprised of the legendary POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby for the three age groups. The three finalists from the featured and underclassmen group will advance to the finals on Sunday. During the final round, the players will receive 15 outs with the option of using their bat of choice, wood or metal. The player who hits the most home runs during the Championship Round with be crowned the 2016 POWER SHOWCASE World Champion.
  • Day 4 – To reiterate; after the completion of the Pro Scout Day, two days of the preliminary rounds of the home run derby, the last day will feature the three games and the crowning of the 2016 POWER SHOWCASE World Champion.


POWER SHOWCASE presents Fourteen Awards in four different categories to participants. These awards are as follows:

POWER SHOWCASE AWARDS – Presented by Brian Domenico, POWER SHOWCASE President/CEO


The most prestigious POWER SHOWCAE honor, the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby World Champion award recognized the player who had advanced to the Championship Final Round of the POWER SHOWCASE and hits the most Home Runs during this Championship Round.

  •     POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby World Champion
  •     POWER SHOWCASE Underclassman World Champion
  •     POWER SHOWCASE Future Stars Advanced World Champion
  •     POWER SHOWCASE Future Stars Rookies World Champion

Longest Distance of a Home Run

  •     Presented to the participant who hits the longest distance Home Run during any round of the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby.

Most Consecutive Home Runs

  •     Presented to the participant who hits the most consecutive Home Runs during any round of the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby.

Most Home Runs during the Preliminary Round

  •     Presented to the participant who hits the most Home Runs during the POWER SHOWCASE’s Preliminary Round.

Most Home Runs Overall

  •     Presented to the participant who hits the most Home Runs during the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby.


There are three awards recognizing participants’ success during the wood bat/preliminary round of the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby. During the wood bat round, participants are given FIVE outs and the opportunity to hit Home Runs with a wood bat.

  •     Most Home Runs Hit With a Wood Bat
  •     Most Consecutive Home Runs Hit With a Wood Bat
  •     Longest Distance Home Run with a Wood Bat


BABE RUTH AWARDS – Presented by Linda Ruth Tosetti (Babe Ruth’s Granddaughter)

There is no question that Babe Ruth is baseball’s most well-known and revered Power Hitter. The POWER SHOWCASE has teamed with Linda Ruth Tosetti, the Babe’s granddaughter, to present two prestigious awards.


Spirit of Babe Ruth Award

Established during the 2010 Fourth Annual POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby, the “Spirit of Babe Ruth Award” is presented in honor of Babe Ruth, the only athlete to have the ability to be a six-tool player: hitting, hitting for power, speed, fielding, throwing, and pitching. This award is given to the POWER SHOWCASE participant who exemplifies ability, strength, leadership, passion, and respect for the game of Baseball.

Colossus of Clout Award

The “Colossus of Clout” award, named after the moniker given to the 40 inch, 54 ounce bat Babe Ruth used in game play from 1916 to 1922, is a replica of the Babe’s bat. This award is presented to the player who hits the furthest Home Run overall.


IMG ACADAMIES AWARD – Presented by Kit Carlson

The “IMG Academies Underclassman Award” is presented to the non-senior player who hits the most Home Runs overall during the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby. The winner of this award receives a one-week (boarding) certificate to the IMG Baseball Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

WOOD BAT AWARD – Presented by Carolina Clubs

  • Most Home Runs hit with a wood bat
  • Most Consecutive Home Runs hit with a wood bat
  • Longest Distance Home Run

BAT BANGER AWARD – Presented by Brian Domenico

  • Awarded to each World Champion

PUR ATHLETE MVP PERFORMANCE AWARD – Top player’s in each age group recognized

  • Presented for the Offensive Clutch Performance / MVP for each of the All-World & All-American Classic Games.


Those who can’t make it to Miami for the event this December, can watch it live from the comfort of their own homes via Internet.  Just log in to powershowcase.com for the details.