Participants and Partners – 9th

“Home Runs That Help” is the community outreach initiative of the POWER SHOWCASE All-World/All-American Baseball Classic. “Home Runs that Help” campaign has two components.  Each POWER SHOWCASE participant’s responsibility is to reach out to their community and contact their local Children’s Hospital. They will partner with a local baseball fan that is suffering from a life-threatening medical condition, disability or special need and can even raise financial contributions for their cause.  It is here where a visit is facilitated and a life-long relationship is forged, and cultivated.All of the home runs hit by the participant are dedicated to that special individual. The first home run ball hit by the POWER SHOWCASE participant is signed, labeled with the distance the ball actually traveled and later presented to the partner. A meeting is scheduled and both are photographed prior to the POWER SHOWCASE event. The photo will then be shown on the Jumbo-tron at Marlins Park when the participant is being announced and walking up to the plate before he hits. In addition, the announcer mentions the partners name as well as some prominent information. The event is broadcast and streamed live world-wide on the POWER SHOWCASE Internet channel.

NY Nick Tedesco Miracle League of Long Island fl-villanti-hrh3-profile

Home Runs That Help Humanitarian Award Winner


Nick has partnered with John Graham & Miracle League of Long Island for Home Runs that Help.

Home Runs That Help Humanitarian Award Winner


Nicholas partnered with Molly Little for Home Runs that Help

Nick chose to work with and sponsor the Miracle League Of Long Island because he also believes that everyone deserves the chance to play baseball!

The Miracle League of Long Island’s mission is to establish and sustain baseball programs for people (of all ages) with disabilities. Our objective is to provide an opportunity for those individuals to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our national pastime.Our aims are to help the league’s players develop social skills and increase self esteem, while promoting community support and sponsorship for the league.We believe everyone deserves the chance to play baseball!Nick Tedesco (NY Underclassman) Volunteers…Becomes a BUDDY!BUDDY stands for “Because Unbelievable Dedication Deserves YOU!”Buddies are a vital part of the success of the Miracle League. Each Miracle League player is assigned a buddy for each game. The buddy is there to protect the player from balls, assist the player in batting and running the bases, and to be a friend on and off the field. Buddies receive a Miracle League shirt for their participation and a lifetime of memories. As a member of Hanks Yanks, Nick Tedesco has participated as a buddy in several Miracle League games over the past two years and has helped many different children.  Being a buddy allows you to make a difference in a special child’s life.For the Power Performance Home Runs That Help program,  Nick Tedesco will be sponsoring John Graham – a 7-year old boy who has been a member of the Miracle League for several years. Nick chose to work with and sponsor the Miracle League Of Long Island because he also believes that everyone deserves the chance to play baseball!

 I want to thank you because this Power Showcase has turned out to be so much more than baseball.
I’d like to share with you how the Home Runs That Help piece of this experience has already changed the life of my son, 12 year old Nicholas Villanti. In June of 2014, six year old Molly Little, was diagnosed with a terminal brain stem tumor called DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Without a miracle, this Christmas will be her last. When Nicholas learned about Home Runs That Help, without hesitation, he chose to support Molly and her family. Molly has 2 sisters, ages 4 and 7. Her father is in the military and is stationed at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa. Nicholas is on track to well surpass his $5000 goal. Channel 13 WTVT, Bay News 9 and other media sources have been contacting us and are tracking his progress.
In the last few months Nicholas has been a part of many different events. He was a special guest at a local elementary school, Stower’s Elementary Knockin’ Out Cancer mom/son dance as well as the Flavor Run 5K event in Sarasota, FL. Nicholas was also a special guest at a 3rd Annual Holiday Event in Brandon, Fl. He was asked to be the charity of the month at the St. Pete Pier Food Truck Rally this coming weekend and has set up a spaghetti fundraiser on January 13th at the church where Molly attends. Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays learned of his efforts and autographed a tshirt for auction/raffle and also autographed one for Nicholas to give to Molly.Nicholas has collected cash and checks from individuals and also has a crowd funding site for credit card donations..  He is selling Molly bands to friends, neighbors, classmates and teachers. He is also selling tshirts. This experience has been life changing for Nicholas and for our whole family. It has allowed us to see how kindness multiplies. A 12 year olds efforts has created a ripple effect like I never imagined. Nicholas has not only been rallying community efforts to help raise awareness for DIPG and raise money for the family to offset medical expenses, but he has also inspired his classmates to help too. Many of the children (and teachers) in Nicholas’ school can be seen wearing bright green “Pray For Molly” bracelets. Many of Nicholas” classmates have helped with fundraisers and call me from time to time asking when the next one is so they too can help. Nicholas is considering starting an organization in Molly’s Honor, that is focused on “kids helping kids”.. His hope is that he can inspire many more children to pay it forward, show thanks for what they have been blessed with and value the importance of blessing others.So again, thank you for teaching our kids that life isn’t just about baseball. It’s about how can we as human beings not only leave a mark on the baseball field but also in people’s hearts by doing good for others. The reward in doing so has already come back to us ten fold.
9th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Players and Home Runs that Help Partners
AL – Peyton Colvard with Levi Bates AL – Hayden Freeman with Gabe Griffin AL – Brodie Townsend with Jackson Maloy & the “Little Magnolia” classroom AR – Blake Adams with Landon Smith
az-mcclanahan-hrh-PROFILE  az-valletta-Cole-and-Griffin-1-hrh-profile bermuda-stowe-9TH-hrh-150 ca-oar-tony-larussa-hrh-9th-profile
AZ – Chad McClanahan with Loyola Academy AZ – Cole Valletta with Griffin Connell BERMUDA – Braxton Stowe with Lucciano Antista CA – Nick Oar with Tony LaRussa’s ARF

 ca-stewart-Kyle-and-Jeremiah-hrh-PROFILE canada-Carscadden_9TH-HRH-CHECK-PROFILE  cacada-duff--matheson-and-emmanuel--9th-hrh-150
CA – Mark Quinby with Parker Berry & Samuel Wheeldon CA – Kyle Stewart with Jeremiah Daniel CAN – Matt Carscadden with Kyle & Georgetown Special Olympics CAN – Matheson Duff with Emmanuel,
the Kitchener-Waterloo Ambassador
CAN – Hayden Jaco with Alyssa Anderson CAN – Wyatt Larmand with
Christopher Parker
CAN – Kevin Sengara with Charlie Ehlert CT – Clay Felice with Trent Dunn
 ryan greene  fl-bringgold-Riley-&-Palmer-High-Five-PROFILE fl-buzbee-levi-amelia-hrh-profile  FL-BUZBEE-WYATT-AMELIA-HRH-PROFILE
CT – Ryan Greene with Johnnie Davis FL – Palmer Bringgold
with Riley Baylosis
GA – Levi Buzbee for Amelia Giles GA – Wyatt Buzbee for Amelia Giles
 fl-crews-hrh-profile FL-CUETO-9TH-MIAMI-BAT4-FL-PROFILE
FL – Pierce Chambers with Jose Clemente FL – Ben Cheek with Chase Havener FL – Dylan Crews with Matthew Walker FL – Gio Cueto with Luis Gonzalez
 FL-HINDS-9TH-hrh-150  FL-KOCHERA-HRH-PROFILE  LANE-HRH-9TH  fl-mccluskey-hrh-logo-PROGRAM
FL – Rece Hinds  with Alexia FL – Kipp Kochera with Thomas
& Buddyball
FL – Carmine Lane with Daniella FL – Jack McCluskey with Carlos Telfair
& Palm Beach Boys and Girls Club
 FL-MCGONIGAL0-hrh-9th-PROFILE fl-ramallo-hrh-9th-150  fl-reyes-9th-hrh-150 fl-roche-HRH-PROFILE
FL – Carter McGonigal for
Alejandro Miranda
FL – Jonathan Ramallo
with Batsheva Solomon
FL – Danny Reyes with Reagan Alfredo Bailey FL – Devin Roche with Karen Hampton
FL - Jacob Schmidt with Michael Marthant fl-simpson-hrh-PROFILE FL-STEWART-9TH-hrh-150  fl-valdez-9th-hrh-150
FL – Jacob Schmidt with Michael Marthant FL – Carson Simpson with Jacob Meachum FL – Sal Stewart with Nicky Gutierrez FL – Mykanthony Valdez with Marcelo Andrew Martinez
FL-WILLIS-9TH-hrh-150  justin young with Keegan Quinn for home runs that help  ga-biggar-Austin-and-Gino-hrh-profile  ga JOHN MICHAEL BOSWELL
FL – Joey Willis with Cooper Hicks FL – Justin Young with Keegan Quinn GA – Austin Biggar with Gino Vizzi
Gino’s P4 Foundation
GA – John Michael Boswell
with Daniela Medina
GA – Stan King
with Emma Kate Roden
GA – Austin Pharr with Stetson Ely KY – Maxx Mahon for Backpacks for the Homeless KY – Ethan Wood for
Working the Puzzle for Autism
LA DEVIN SMITH  ma-thibault-9th-hrh-150  ma-yish-Jacob-and-Gabriel-9th-HRHprofile  me-mckenna-hrh-profile
LA – Devin Smith with Macy Gueldner MA – Stephen Thibault with Nathan MA – Jacob Yish with Gabriel Sykes  ME – Ryan McKenna with Ben Casad
mo-eierman0Jeremy-&-Devon-HRH-PROFILE  mo-hagedorn-hrh-PROFILE  NC-CARICO-HRH-profile
MO – Jackson Beaman with Ayden Wright MO – Jeremy Eierman
with Devon Parrott
MO – Nicholas Hagedorn with JobeSprinkle NC – Michael Carico with Gavin Hill
NC – Austin Hawke with Dacey Houghtling NC – William Price
For G$Strong Family Trush
NJ – AJ Donofrio with Sebastian Quinn NJ – Eric Feliz with Gabriel Pozo

 NJ-KEATING-9TH-hrh-150  nj-lahoud-9th-hrh-150 nj LILLO PAXIA
NJ – Michael Feliz with Gabriel Pozo NJ – Tommy Keating with Rob Panfile NJ – Michael Lahoud with Stephen Morris NJ – Lillo Paxia with Savanna Galasso
NJ-TARPINIAN-HRH-PROFILE  nj-venizelos-hrh-profile
NJ – Joshua Steidl for
Camilla Hall Convent Home
NJ – Peter Tarpinian
with Ezequiel Hall
NJ – Will Venizelos with Ben Oresky
& Princeton Special Sports
NV – Brandon Wulff with Juan
& Children’s Hospital
 ny-petze-hrh-profile  OH-BLACK-9TH-hrh-150
NY – Vito Friscia with Daniel Vecchione NY – Joseph O’Rourke
with Jake Schron
NY – Michael Petze with Anthony Petze OH – Clayton Black with Hunter Mitchell
 pa-grintz-adam-9th-hrh-150 pa-grintz-adam-9th-hrh-150 pa-hannon-hrh-9th-hrh-profile  PA JAKE JESSELL
PA – Adam Grintz with Chis & Michael Keating PA – Eric Grintz with Chis & Michael Keating PA – Jordan Hannon with Landon Williams PA – Jake Jessell with Luccia Harpalani
 PA-KUTZ-9TH-hrh-150  pa-maring-9th-HRH-150  pa-whalen-hrh-profile RI-BARUCH-9TH-hrh-150
 PA – Ryan Kutz with Maggie PA – Adam Maring
For Drew Taylor Foundation
PA – Bobby Whalen with Uncle Tommy
& the Project ALS
RI – Daniel Baruch with Jordan Nickerson
 ri-oreagan-9th-hrh-150  TN TUCKER PATE EAST TN CHILDRENS HOSPITAL  TX Zeke Bear with David Gonzalez for Home Runs that Help  bright star baseball zander brown
RI –  Liam O’Regan with Kevin Henry TN – Tucker Pate
for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
TX – Zeke Bear with David Gonzalez TX – Zander Brown
For Bright Star Baseball
 tx-calvilla-9rh-HRH-150  TX-COLLVINS-9TH-hrh-150  tx-duplantier-9th-hrh-150  TX DYDALEWICZ
TX – Carlos Calvillo with Caleb Noah Batz TX – Carson Collvins with Dejah Love TX – Andre Duplantier
for Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation
TX – Kaden Dydalewicz with Trevor Sinclair
 tx-englet-9th-hrh-150  tx-foreman-hrh-profile  tx-harp-hrh-PROFILE  TX HUNTER PEARL
TX – Mason Englett with Garrett Holcombe TX – Michael Foreman with Erik Garcia TX – Clayton Harp with Will Bubela TX – Hunter Pearl with Hannah Crawford
TX-SAENZ-HRH2-PROFILE va-brewer-hrh-profile  va-Diego_Doran_9th-hrh-150
TX – Mateo Saenz with Roel Daniel Galvan VA – Cade Brewer with Connor Steele VA – Diego Doran with Kaden Hepner