Testimonials – 2009 (3rd)


Christian Walker – PA – 3rd Annual World Champion

Coach Domenico, Thank you for inviting me to attend the 2009 International High School Power Showcase Home Run Derby at Tropicana Field.  It was an experience of a lifetime.  You made all the participants feel important from the introductions at the dinner to the field ceremonies at the Trop.  Competing against the top power hitters from all over the world was something I was looking forward to. I was excited to make the final 5, and winning the whole derby was overwhelming.  Since winning the Home Run Derby in January, my highlight video has been published on youtube, I have been interviewed and featured in Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd, Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball, and ESPN Rise Magazine.If I could, would I do this again?  Absolutely!



Dante Bichette, Jr – FL

Power is the most coveted tool in baseball. One swing of the bat can change the game. When Brian Domenico called me about the Power Showcase I thought it was just another showcase. Then he mentioned “Home Run Derby”, and “the Top High School Power Hitters in the World”- I knew Dante Jr. would love it. If you want to get the attention of scouts & recruiters, Try hitting a ball off the catwalk at Tropicana Field, Then having a highlight video placed on youtube. Dante Jr. loved this event; he got tremendous exposure and attention from this event.It was an honor to be invited and an absolute blast

FLORIDA – DANTE BICHETTE, JR.  – Florida 3rd Annual Power Showcase – 4th Annual Power Showcase

Randal Grichuk – TX

I want to start off with thanking you for inviting Randal to participate in your International High School Power Showcase Home Run Derby. You put together one heck of a action packed weekend. As a parent of a young baseball player that was all excited to get to hit on a professional baseball field for the first time, I have to say I was a little skeptical about it all for a few months after you first invited Randal. I am one parent that can say this was one fantastic event and I am now so grateful you invited him. The scout day was super for the kids in that they got a good last chance to do some batting practice and get to know each other. Your dinner that evening and the way you presented the kids was a joy to behold. The professional pictures and the video tape was better than I ever expected. In all, the weekend was over the top for myself and I know that I would not miss this as a must event to do if invited again. Thank you for putting so much effort into seeing that kids from all over the world get a chance to put on the Power Showcase uniform and present themselves to the millions of people that watched on the world wide web.

George A. Grichuk 

TEXAS – RANDAL GRICHUK – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Matt Conway – MI

I want to thank you for inviting me back to the International Power Showcase Home Run Derby once again.  It was an honor to be a part of it in 2008, and I was really excited to know that I had another opportunity to come back and participate in 2009. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget.  The other participants were great and I made a lot of new friendships that I can carry over into college.  Listening to the Granddaughter of Babe Ruth speak at the dinner the night before was something that I never thought was possible.  It’s amazing to know that I was fortunate enough to meet a relative of Babe Ruth.  Thank you for all you have done for me over the past two years and I look forward to watching the event for years to come!Thanks again,


MICHIGAN – MATT CONWAY  – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Miles Head – GA

On behalf of the Head family, we just want to thank you for your interest and persistence in getting Miles to attend the Power Showcase.  Miles has traveled a lot of places and participated in a lot of things, but this was one of the top events he has ever attended.  From the BP at the Yankees complex to the actual event at Tropicana Field, and everything in between – it was a first class production.  His video on you-tube has made him a celebrity to his friends, and has given him a viable tool that scouts are using to analyze him as the 2009 draft approaches.  To anyone reading this, if you have any doubts or questions about attending this, rest assured that it is the real deal and you are one of the few privileged players invited to attend.  Thanks Brian once again!

GEORGIA – MILES HEAD and family –  3rd Annual Power Showcase

Cole Frenzel – ND

Hi Brian, we just want to thank you again for the great time and awesome event you put on.  All the way from top to bottom, it was an awesome experience. We just loved it again, and we will be telling many people about it and hopefully we will look for another fine hitter from North Dakota to come next year. The banquet was great, we loved talking and meeting all the new people from all the states and countries.  Brian, we just want to thank you, your family and staff, personally.  You guys are true ambassadors of this great game of power. Linda Ruth already sent Cole the book on the Babe. We really enjoyed her, Davey Johnson and Perry Husband the speakers. Thank you and keep up the awesome job.You truly inspire many people with your passion.

Deb & Doug Frenzel –

NORTH DAKOTA – COLE FRENZEL – 3rd Annual Power Showcase – 2nd Annual Power Showase

Matt Marquis – NJ

Due to nerves during my taped interview after the finals of the “Derby”, I missed an opportunity to publicly thank you and the entire showcase staff for providing me with one of the great thrills of my young baseball career. What you folks did not only for me but for 63 other top high school ballplayers is nothing short of remarkable. While only continued hard work, luck and persistence will shape my baseball future no one can ever take away the excitement and camaraderie of participating in your great event. If ever, I can do anything to repay your kindness and vision please don’t hesitate to call on me. On behalf of my entire family and myself I hope the International Home Run Derby continues to provide thrills for high school players for many years to come.Warmest Personal Regards,


NEW JERSEY – MATT MARQUIS – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Alex Diaz – Puerto Rico

Estimado Domenico,Gracias por sacar de su valioso tiempo para dirigirse a Alex. Se emocion much simo con sus palabras de elogio. Quiere que sepa que est¡ trabajando muy fuerte para seguir adelante y siguiendo todos los consejos que le dan. Reiteramos una vez m¡s nuestro agradecimiento por su atencin. Muchos xitos en el Home Run Derby de este a, el cual fue muy especial y maravilloso para Alex, y Bendiciones para usted y su familia.Sinceramente,


PUERTO RICO – ALEXANDER DIAZ – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Josh Leyland – CA

Dear Coach Domenico and the Power Showcase Staff,

The Leyland family would first like to thank you for giving Josh the opportunity to compete in the 2009 Power Showcase. This is an event that Josh will value forever. Josh felt it was an honor to represent the state of California and to be a part of this exciting event. Like most parents we were skeptical at the invitation, but after speaking with others who had participated we knew this would be a fun and life changing experience for Josh. Josh had a great experience from the beginning, from the work out at Yankee training camp, to the dinner with inspirational speakers and to the main event at Tropicana field where he could compete with the top power hitters in the world. The Power Showcase has opened many doors for his success in his baseball career and built his confidence to a new level. We appreciate all the hard work that went into making this event so special and even after it was over the work that went into the professional photos that we received and the outstanding video that was shared around the world for Josh to keep and treasure forever.Thank you once again. Darren & Michelle

CALIFORNIA – JOSH LEYLAND – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Brandon Vega – NJ

Mr. Domenico,First of all, thank you for inviting me to this World High Class Showcase. It was a great experience and I met a lot of new friends who I continue to stay in contact with. These players are in a class by themselves, and I can see myself playing with or against them at the next level “College or Pro”. You made all of us feel special and gave us more than we expected. The staff was great and it was well organized. Getting to speak to Babe Ruth’s Granddaughter was just amazing, it was like speaking to the Babe himself. Being announced in the stadium was very exciting and overwhelming, it felt like I was at the All Star game. You selected me again for 2010 and I look forward to working harder, and being very competitive at the next Power Showcase. This showcase brings the best out of you and I had a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you again this coming January and thanks for giving me the opportunity to show all of my skills.In Baseball Always,


NEW JERSEY – BRANDON VEGA – 4th Annual Power Showcase – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Christopher Marconcini – TN

Coach Domenico,Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to meet and compete with some of the best power hitters in the world. I will never forget my experiences from the Power Showcase. Walking up to the plate at Tropicana Field after they announced my name and seeing my stats and picture on the Jumbotron will be remembered as one of my truly great baseball highlights. It was fantastic being able to talk with guys from all around the world and around every state. I also must admit there is no better feeling than hitting my first home run out of a Major League ball park. You run a great showcase and I hope I can challenge for the Power Showcase Championship next year.


Greg Brodzinski – NJ

Dear Coach Domenico and the Power Showcase staff,Thank you so much for the opportunity to compete in such a high class event with the other best power hitters in the country. You were able to put together the best talent in amateur baseball from all over the United States and the world. You treated me and every other kid in the event awesome and provided us with a wonderful opportunity to show our talent. The pro scout day at the Yankees complex was great and really got me ready for the derby. It also gave us a chance to get the experience of a pro style tryout that many of these great players may go to in the future. Then, having the opportunity to hit home runs in a Major League stadium like Tropicana Field is something I will never forget. The dinner banquet in the hotel was another fantastic experience and gave me a chance to meet the other athletes and talk baseball with great people. All in all it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget and I’m anxious to get back next year. This event will continue to grow and is becoming one of the most premier showcases in the country.Sincerely,

NEW JERSEY –  GREG BRODZINSKI  – New Jersey – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Caleb Clemmons – AL

Our experience at the recent Power Showcase in Florida was one we will all remember for a lifetime. It was an impressive gathering of very talented young men and they put on a hitting exhibition that was incredible. Brian and his entire team did a great job of pulling this event together. Most of these Hitters have attended numerous banquets and award ceremonies where they were recognized for their abilities on the field. Having said that, nothing compares to the first time you walk out on Tropicana Field and see your picture up on the massive screen in the outfield. It was a unique and memorable experience for my son and I am proud that he was invited to participate. He would have loved to have one more year to give it one more try and as parent I would have done anything to give him the opportunity. Thanks Brian to you and your staff and we wish you continued success with your event.


ALABAMA CALBE CLEMONS  – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Mike Bazuin – Netherlands

Coach Domenico,Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to come to the States and participate in the Power-Showcase 2009. I had an awesome time from the moment I arrived in Florida til the moment I got on the plane back home in the Netherlands (Europe). The Home Run Derby itself was nothing like what we have back home. I had a great time during the scout day and especially during the derby in Tropicana Field, it was a blast to be on the field itself and compete with the other players. 2 months after I got back and the clips were posted on YouTube I got an invitation to go to a Division 1 Junior College in Arizona. Brian and all the others that made this happen for me, thanks again for making this experience possible.

NETHERLANDS – MIKE BAZUIN  – 3rd Annual Power Showcase

Justin McCullough – CA

First off I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to compete in the Power Showcase. It was a memorable and prestigious event. Having the chance to compete with some of the top power hitters around the globe was truly a once in a life time opportunity.  The Power Showcase weekend was one of the greatest events I have ever participated in. You ran a very high-class and professional competition from the beginning to the end. I was completely blown away at how much your showcase had to offer.  I met a lot of great guys from all around the world that I still keep in touch with. I had the time of my life and would recommend this competition to ANY high school power hitter who is looking to compete in a showcase on a global scale.  Thank you again for the opportunity and thank you for your continued support.  I will never forget my day on Tropicana Field!

CALIFORNIA – JUSTIN McCULLOUGH  – California – 3rd Annual Power Showcase