9th Annual (MIAMI)

The POWER SHOWCASE in Miami will feature 170 of the world’s best players representing 20+ countries.
It’s a unique opportunity for fans and MLB scouts alike to see the best international talent on domestic turf.

Come see Tomorrow’s Stars Today !

DECEMBER 28, 2014 to JANUARY 2, 2015

marlinspark-usethis-may2012MARLINS BALLPARK / 501 MARLINS WAY / MIAMI FL  33125

There are numerous details that must be addressed prior to the event. 

To organize and simplify your preparation for the event, we have put together the following checklist
for your reference.


1. Complete Online Registration & Submit deposit to hold your PLAYER spot

A. CLICK to complete: PLAYER Registration Form

B.  CLICK to complete: PITCHER ONLY Registration Form

C.CLICK to complete: CATCHERS Registration Form

D. CLICK to complete:  SHAGGERS Registration Form

Pre-Order your extra Official  POWER SHOWCASE  Program,  Jerseys, Hats,
T-Shirts with Players names on back


(We Sold out of everything last year – Pre-Orders are strongly suggested) Items will be distributed at the event.


Click photo to order Items via PSC Store

Player Registration includes:

  • Participation – named to the 9th Annual POWER SHOWCASE All-World & All-American Team
  • Complete Uniform (Hat, Jersey, Pants, T-Shirt, Batting Glove, and Belt)
  • Player Bio Profile containing Player’s athletic, academic and contact information along with photos
  • Press Releases to various organizations, Scouts, MLB Network.  We also provide a press release for YOU to submit to YOUR local media
  • Welcome Dinner Entrée (Player only) [Guests pay for theirs]
  • Player Highlight video
  • Photo Package (50+ High Definition photos see samples below)
Player photo package
  • Hitting Highlight Video 


2. Submit the 3 Waivers (ballpark release; video release; medical release – click on links below for the forms)

In order to participate in the event each player and/or parent must print out and sign the three releases and waivers.

These must be on file with POWER SHOWCASE before the event.

A. CLICK FOR: Ballpark Release

B. CLICK FOR: Video/Photo Release

C. CLICK FOR: Medical Release

The forms are in PDF format – you can print out and complete OR you can complete online by placing your mouse in the appopriate places, at the bottom SAVE button (looks like a disk): save as pdf and send to powershowcase@gmail.com  OR you can PRINT (printer button at bottom) and mail in:

Power Showcase, Inc.
6663 Hollandaire Drive West
Boca Raton FL 33433

3. Submit 5 Photos to powershowcase@gmail.com

(300 DPI High Quality photos – One Head shot in Jacke & Tie and Four Baseball Action shots: at bat / swing / hit / position)

4. Submit Coach Comment (Please ask your Coach  to submit – email to: powershowcase@gmail.com)

A short letter written by your son’s high school or prominent summer league coach discussing your son’s character both on and off the field.

(I prefer this to be a word document.)

5. Submit Home Runs that Help Partner (MANDATORY !)

(Photo & Story to be emailed to: powershowcase@gmail.com)


6. Submit Registration Fee (check or Paypal)

Full fee or 50% deposit is due within 7 days of registration.

The registration fee for the POWER SHOWCASE is $1475.00 for the Six-Day event for Players.

$750.00 for PITCHERS only.

Total Registration fee due by October 1, 2014.  No refunds on deposits (pays for ordering uniform)

How To Pay:

Registration fee payments can be made on-line with the registration (a processing fee will be assessed)

 or by check payable to Power Showcase, Inc.

Mailing Address:

Brian Domenico, Power Showcase, Inc.
6663 Hollandaire Drive West
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Total Registration fee due by October 1, 2014.  No refunds on deposits (pays for ordering uniform)


7. Guests will need to register for the WELCOME DINNER at Marlins Park. Participants are announced and will receive their jerseys.
Players dinner is paid for. Only guests need to complete the registration.

December, 2014  6:00 to 10:00pm


 (info to come)


8. HOTEL – put your mouse on 9th event Miami / you’ll see the dropdowns / click on HOTEL to make your Reservations