Testimonials – 2011 (6th)


I have been to a lot of showcases, championships, world series tournaments and all types of baseball events but The Power Showcase in Arizona this year was by far, other than winning the Little League World Series back in 2006,  for me, one of the best baseball experiences that I’ve ever had. When I first got there and starting hitting with all these west-coast guys and saw my competition, I really didn’t know if I’d have a chance to win because there was so much talent. These big power hitters gave me a run for my money but I was fortunate enough to win and had the time of my life. I’d been looking forward to it since I registered in August and was so glad I took a week out of my winter break to be a part of this. I met some of the coolest guys and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch and somewhere down the line, I know I’ll run into them again. The people running the event, Ms. Lynn Griffin and Power Showcase President, Mr. Brian Domenico treated us very good like we were already big-leaguers! I would recommend this event to anyone who has the opportunity to do it.


tx-eaves-6th What can I say but that Kody Eaves and his brothers had a GRAND time at the Power Showcase!For Kody, it is was an opportunity of a lifetime and he is grateful he had an opportunity to participate in such a great showcase!  First Class all the way!  He loved every minute of this showcase!  Too much fun he said!The brothers had a GRAND time watching all the events and the venues were FABULOUS!We just wanted you to know how grateful we all are to all of you!Please tell Brian thank you so much for giving Kody the opportunity to participate in this event and making lifelong new friends!  He was able to meet up with players from all over and he had a really great time!Brian was so involved in everything and it was great to see his involvement with all the boys!  There is not a player that attended that will ever forget this event.  They will be telling their stories for a lifetime!

Thank you once again for all your help!  Thank you Brian!  Thank you Lynn!Take care and have a GREAT day!Happy New Year! Jan Wallace

Cody Eaves, Texas – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

can-st.pierre-6th Hello Brian :On behalf of Bobby and myself we would like to thank you and your staff for providing the best exposure for Bobby . This showcase was just outstanding from start to finish all aspects , he had the time of his life having to play at Chase Field with world class athletes. We would also like to thank you and the coaches  Luis Castro , Brian Mejia , Rich Hofman , and Phil Van Horn on a great job .Respectfully yoursBobby and Bob St. Pierre  

Canada Bobby St. Pierre – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

ms-gough-6th-testimonial-thumb Brian & LynnJust wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you again. This years Power Showcase was a blast, Andrew had a great time. Adding the games was great! Your event is run top notch very professional. The experience that these players walk away with will stay with them no matter what level they play at. Andrew is looking forward to Miami.

Andrew Gough – Mississippi – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

nj-gardec-6th-testimonial-thumb Brian,We would like to start by saying THANK YOU for inviting our son Angel Garced to this outstanding showcase. We as parents were really impressed with how organized the showcase was. As for Angel he was excited to play in front of pro scouts, compete against outstanding talent in the home run derby as well to get an opportunity to meet future MLB draft prospects. Last but not least I would like to thank Lynn for such an outstanding job we had been in touch via e-mail for six months and she was so informative on questions we had or when schedule changes were made. Looking foward to next year. Thanks again and may God Bless you all.The Garced FamilyAngel Garced – New Jersey – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE
bahama-burrows-6th-testimonial-thumb Thank You for giving me a chance to attend an event which such fine talent of baseball players from around the world i really enjoyed it, and had alot of fun. God has open many doors for me in 2011, and am glad that he layed it on your heart to choose me to represent my country in your 6th annual Powershowcase in 2011. I met alot of great players, and made alot of new friends, learned alot about other aspects of hitting that brings alot out in a player. Your speakers that spoke at the dinner was a great encouragement to me, and I do believe to all hitters that attended Thank you Happy new year!.

Bahamas -Chad Burrows  6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

Thank you for all your attention. We  wish you a wonderful year.  God bess u.  – Coach Luis Castro – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE
Thanks for all you did to make the week in Phoenix successful. Happy New Year to you and your family! _ Coach Phil Van Horn – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE
az-nay-6th-testimonial-thumb Congrats on another successful Power Showcase.  You run a wonderful, class act event!  Thank you all so much for the hard work that went into putting this Showcase together.  We really appreciate the experiences it provided Mitch, and he enjoyed each event as well.Happy New Year! Chris and Carrie Nay

Chris Nay – Arizona– 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

az-hernandez-6th-testimonial-thumb The Showcase has been a great experience for Gerard. He has enjoyed himself very much. You all have done a great job! We’ll be doing this next year (in Florida!!! – Elfido HernandezI wanted to let you know my son Gerard is having the time of his life! I have never seen him so excited about anything What a first class operation you are running !! Everything has been top rate and so much fun, we are already making plans for next year, Thanks for all your hard work, – Corinne Brown

Gerard Hernandez -Arizona  – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

ca-tellez-6th-testimonial-thumb Rowdy is having the time of his life and my husband cannot say enough about what a great event you are hosting!!  Thank you for making it happen and making memories Happy New Year,Lori Tellez,

Rowdy Tellez – California  – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

can-stevenson-6th-testimonial-thumb I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting together such a great event. Traveling all the way from Canada the baseball experience and the exposure was so worthwhile for my son Conner. We would love to attend again next year.

Thanks again

Dale Stevenson – Canada – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE

az-mcallister-6th-testimonial-thumb Brian,  I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for hosting such a great event.  My son Justin really enjoyed himself and it will always be a treasured memory of mine.I took amateur video but was curious if video of the individual games will be available.  I had family back east watching and they said it was very well done.  Please advise and thank you again for putting on the event.One last thing…Lynn was wonderful to work with.  Even though Justin came in at the very end, Lynn made what seemed every effort to make sure he got max exposure in the website etc…  She made it appear like he was her only priority and even added some additional pix I sent her after the fact to his profile.  She is a keeper…….Thank you Lynn – Best Wishes and Happy New Year

Brian McAllister – Arizona – 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE