Texas – Elliot Richoux with Seth “Batman” Jenkins

TX - Elliot Richoux has partnered with Seth "Batman" Jenkins for Home Runs that Help

Elliot Richoux to hit Home Runs for Seth “Batman” Jenkins

Seth is 15 yrs. old and attends Oakridge High School in the ninth grade with his 14 yr. old brother Aaron. Seth Loves baseball and particularly loves to bat; that is where he got his nickname, “Bat Man”. He is the man who bats. Which is very appropriate for this competition. Seth has a great relationship with Coach Mattingly at Oakridge High School.  Coach Mattingly says that the highlight of his day is when Seth passes his office and stops to say,”Hi”. Seth won the Heart of the Eagle award and received a standing ovation last year.

Seth’s Dad plays in a band calls Winter’s End and sometimes Seth will play drums with the band during practice. Seth can play guitar as well. But, his real love is baseball and his Dad says he drives him crazy when it isn’t baseball season because he wants to play and watch the games. Seth participates with the older kids of The Challenger program that has games on Saturday mornings during baseball season. The players from the surrounding High School teams participate with the Challenger kids and interact with them. That is how Elliot made the connection with Seth. They both share a love of baseball and specifically hitting the long ball.
The director of Challenger, Mr. Doug Brogan said he would be available the day of the competition if you would like to call him for additional information about the program and stories about Seth. His phone numbers: Dionex Corporation (281) 259-4469 cell (281) 799-1689

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