New Jersey – Brandon Vega with Dana Ransom

NJ - Brandon Vega has partnered with Dana Ransom for Home Runs that Help

Brandon Vega to hit Home Runs for Dana Ransom


This is Brandon’s candidate a very sick child that we have known since child birth.  She’s always in the hospital and the attached pictures are 2 days after she was released from the hospital for a week. Dana is 8 years old and lives in Jackson. NJ., with her mom and brother.
She’s a level 4 gymnast, like to ice skate and rolling skate. Loves Basketball and video games
Favorite Shows: Tyler Perry – House of Pain and  Hanna Montana.

Brandon would wrote the following regarding Dana:


Dana, May you be healed with the first homerun I hit.  You have been suffering way too long and I am praying for immediate healing for all children that have your disease. May you start developing better health for this New Year.  May God continue to Bless You.

Your Friend, Brandon Vega 2009 & 2010 Power Showcase Participant

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