Nevada – Patrick Gallagher with Jordan Jordan

NV - Patrick Gallagher has partnered with Jordan Jordan for Home Runs that Help

Patrick Gallagher to hit Home Runs for Jordan Jordan

Jordan is 6 and attends 1st Grade at Spanish Springs Elementary School. He has an older brother, Kevin, who is 14 and a fantastic football player. He has a younger brother, Trenton, who is 2 and a “wild man”. His family lives in Sparks, NV, with their miniature chihuahua, Chi. As a family, they love all sports, but especially football since Ronnie played for Virginia Tech. They love to put on their jerseys and root for their favorite teams.


Jordan has Cystic Fibrosis and has already undergone 5 major surgeries. His first stay in the hospital was for 15 months. They know him well in the pediatric ward of Reno’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

2009 was a good health year for him. He is very energetic and funny and empathetic wand wants to try everything. His favorite video game is “Little Big Planet” and he is very good at it. His favorite dinosaur is the T Rex (and he LOVES dinosaurs). His favorite Christmas present this year was the “biggest nerf gun you’ve ever seen”. His favorite place is Disneyworld and Dino Golf is the best thing to do there. He loves to ride BMX Bikes. He swims and is going to learn to golf. He is going to try and sign up for baseball this year. He is a really special kid and his family has an incredible attitude about his illness.

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