Alabama – Kyle Conkle with Matthew Downer

AL - Kyle Conkle has partnered with Matthew Downer for Home Runs that Help

Kyle Conkle to hit Home Runs for Matthew Downer

Matthew is 12 years old (9/15/97) and is a student at the Fort Payne Middle School. Matthew had surgery to remove a brain tumor from between his frontal lobe and side lobe on the right side on Aug. 10. 2009 On Sept. 9 he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer  grade IV (GBM). GBM normally on affects 50 year old and above, they don’t understand why Matthew has it. GBM is an aggressive cancer that is known to come back in the brain. Dr. Reddy is Matthew’s oncologist. She said we would treat GBM with everything they have to fight this cancer. Matthew had radiation, Avastin chemo,( keeps cancer from attaching his blood stream), and temodar chemo for six weeks at Birmingham children’s Hospital and Wallace tumor institute in Birmingham. All treatment went very well. Matthew had another MRI on Nov. 18. No tumor! He started his second round of temadar and avastin. He has avastin at Children’s every other week and he takes temodar five out of twenty eight days. He is doing great on this chemo and we are praying and believe in for a complete healing for Matthew.

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