Alabama – Drew Mobley with Beth Steinke

Drew Mobley to hit Home Runs for Beth Steinke

On Monday December 14, 2009, Beth was experiencing a normal evening at home when she suddenly developed a severe head ache.  She excused herself from a phone call with her mother and went back to her room.  She complained of being hot, nauseous, and her head and neck were hurting.  She asked for Dairian and Zach to call her parents to come over to the house.  Shortly after they arrived, Beth experienced a seizure.  The promptly called 911, and requested an ambulance.  Zach was able to talk her back, and she regained consciousness.  Amazingly, with just a little help, she walked to the stretcher and they were off to the ER.  At the hospital, Beth experienced a second seizure.  A cat scan revealed two aneurysms in separate portions of her brain.  She had experienced a hemorrhage with one of the aneurysms.  Her neuro surgeon, Dr. Banks, did not sugar coat her status, he called the situation “grave”.  We were told that her situation would worsen before it got better.  We were able to see her for a very short time in the middle of the night.
Many family and friends gathered in the ICU waiting room that night waiting on news and offering support.  More family and friends offered words of prayer, and Beth’s name went on prayer lists accross the nation.  As we lifted her up over night, the hemmorage stopped, Beth began responding to commands, and the next day, she was better…not worse.  We give all glory to God for his healing strength.

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