Washington – Michael Conforto

5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE International High School Home Run Derby



4 Home Runs (MB)
Consecutive – 2
Longest Distance – 441 Ft.
Total Preliminary Round – 4 Home Runs

Watch Mike’s 5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Hitting Highlights !


Showcase State: WA

Primary Pos: CF
Secondary Pos: SS
Height: 6′1″
Weight: 200
Bat Hand: Left
Throw Hand: Right
Batting Avg: .400
Arm Strength (MPH): 88
Home Run Hits: 9

High School Coach: Dan Pudwill

Summer League Coach: Jim Stewart


Redmond H.S.
Redmond, WA

Grade: 11
Grad: 2011
GPA: 3.7
SAT: 1740

DOB: 3/01/1993

Hometown: Woodinville, WA

Parent: Mike Conforto
21909 NE 141st Street
Woodinville, WA 98077
michaelconforto@yahoo.com (Mike)


  • 1st Team All State
  • 1st Team All Conference SS
  • 1st Team All Conference
  • 2010/2009 Brandy Pugh All Tournament Team
Mike has partnered with Malachi Trimble for Home Runs that Help 

Read Malachi’s Story

Over the past two plus years I have been honored and blessed to be Michael Conforto’s high school baseball coach. He is a young man who is committed, dedicated, and tireless when it comes to the game of baseball. With all of these attributes, he also brings an exuberance that raises the energy level of all those around him.Whether a high octane drill or a mundane one, Michael puts forth maximum effort. He can be seen diving in the infield or running the bases with intensity each and every practice. It is Michael’s tireless work ethic in practice and games that speaks to his high character and the reason why he is an invaluable leader on our team. Through positive encouragement and respectful observations, Michael pushes his teammates to give the best effort each can. He is a leader in every sense of the word through voice and action. 

Furthermore, Michael clearly understands how to carry himself properly. Regardless of success or failure, he maintains an even demeanor. He knows the importance of not showing up an opponent or giving way to frustration. Michael treats opponents, teammates, umpires and coaches with respect regardless of the situation. He also realizes that mistakes are to be learned from and improved upon. He does not sink into his own misery following a strikeout or error but rather works hard to eliminate such incidents from happening in the future. Michael sprints everywhere on the field – to his position, off the field, to a meeting with the team in the outfield, etc. Amid all of this hard work and commitment, he remembers that baseball is a fun game and that joy is often seen in his play.

Michael is the same person off the field that he is on the field — a young man of class, respect, and positive energy. Fortunately for the youth of the Redmond community, Michael passes all of this (joy, dedication, commitment) on at an annual skills camp taught by my high school baseball players to members of the various little leagues. Michael is a favorite amongst the little leaguers. He treats them with respect, teaches with enthusiasm, and models how to play the game appropriately. He represents Redmond High School and the baseball program with the high character we demand. This representation carries into the halls of the school and the classroom as well. He maintains a high academic standing and the positive opinion of his peers and teachers alike.

Without a doubt, Michael Conforto is a young man with jaw dropping baseball skills only matched by his admirable character. Every time I see him don the Redmond Mustang colors I am filled with pride. I can′t wait to see him at the upcoming International High School Power Showcase.
Dan Pudwill – Redmond Mustang Baseball Head Coach