Texas – Caleb Hamrick

5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE International High School Home Run Derby

5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Hitting Highlights coming soon!

Primary Pos: Catcher
Secondary Pos: Pitcher
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 220
Bat Hand: Right
Throw Hand: Right
Batting Avg: .463
Arm Strength (MPH): 92
Home Run Hits: 8
Run Time 60: 7.3

High School Coach: Jeremy Fatheree

Summer League Coach: Curt Sanders


Cedar Hill H.S.
Cedar Hill, TX

Grade: 11
Grad: 2012
GPA: 3.6

Hometown: Cedar Hill, TX

DOB: 9/25/1993

Parent: Gail Wade
414 Northwood Trail
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
H: 972-291-3891
C: 469-328-8364
W: 214-979-8248

calebbaseball15@hotmail.com (Caleb)


  • 2010 2nd Team All Area
  • 2010 District 7-5A MVP
  • 2010 Longhorn MVP
  • 2010 Longhorn Pitcher of the Year
  • 2010 Longhorn Co-Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2009 All District
  • 2009 Starting Varsity Freshman


  • 2010 Bi-District Finalist
  • 2009 Bi-District Finalist


  • 2010 Texas A&M Prospect Tryout Camp
  • 2010 DFW Metro Scout League
  • 2010 UT Fall All Star Showcase
  • 2010 Arizona Junior Fall Classic
  • 2009 Dallas-Baptist University – Summer Showcase Prospect Camp
  • 2009 UT Pitching Showcase
  • 2009 Baylor Hitting Showcase
Caleb is partnering with another Cedar Hill High School student, Oscar Epps II, for Home Runs that Help

Read Oscar’s Story

Caleb Hamrick is a junior here at Cedar Hill High School. Caleb is involved in numerous baseball activities, including the DFW Metro Scout League. On top of all of Caleb’s activities, he is also one of the best students in our school. I would know; I have known Caleb for a while now. It would be easy to speak only about his many baseball accomplishments but Caleb is also very respectful to everyone he comes across. One does not have to have a higher rank, or be an older age; Caleb will respect them all the same. It is difficult at times for young people in our country to live a life that strives for Christ’s approval. Caleb makes no excuses for the way he lives. I believe Caleb seeks Christ every day and it is noticed by all who cross his path.

Living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth “Metro” can be very interesting at times. Cedar Hill is one of the most rapidly changing cities in the “Metroplex”. Some of these changes are not necessarily positive and bring many different types of young people to our community, many of them wayward. It almost seems that doing the wrong thing and being apathetic are the “cool things to do. It is very easy to see how a young person could fall in with the wrong crowd and end up making mistakes that could change their life. Reasons such as these make the “Metroplex,”, or any area like it, Cedar Hill being no exception, a difficult place to be for some young adults.

In a world where doing the wrong thing and not striving for something better seem to be the norm, Caleb rises above all to be the best he can be for our program, city, school, and himself. There are many athletes from other areas who have the same grades and the same character as Caleb. I wonder how many of them have overcome many of the things Caleb has had to overcome in order to achieve their success. Caleb is a pillar of our community and he will be missed when his time here at Cedar Hill is complete.

Jeremy Fatheree – Head Baseball Coach – Cedar Hill High School