Texas – Clayton Harp

Texas Representative


Clayton Harp

6’4 / 185

OF/ 1B

AGE: 17






Clayton was named our District’s “Offensive MVP.”  He has been nominated to the All-State team, which has not yet been released.  He will also be representing Texas HS baseball by playing on the Junior Sun Belt team two weeks from now in Oklahoma.  Clayton was also selected, and played to the Sophomore Sun Belt, last year in 2013.  This is a very high achieving honor for very few high school athletes.Clayton was named to the Academic All-District team for the second time.  His parents are both teachers, his dad also a high school coach.  Clayton is taking three AP classes this year and is well mannered.  This should explain how he handles himself in the classroom.His overall skill set, Clayton is 6’4, and weighs 185.  He works out regularly and will one day ‘completely’ fill out his frame.  He runs well, plays in the secondary/receiver for our football team, and was an All-State Punter.  Back to baseball, he primarily plays center, works outs some at 1st, and will help our pitching staff when needed.  He hit lead-off in the early part of the season, and in the 3-hole the majority of the time.  Throws right, hits left.

Russell Krenek Head Baseball Coach

 I have been Clayton’s hitting instructor since he was 14 years old.  I knew in the beginning he was going to grow, but his growth has exceeded my expectations.  He has been very dedicated and focused in transforming himself into the power hitter he is today.  He is a quick learner and exhibits professionalism in everything he does.   His approach to the game is very disciplined.  He has a style all his own and the amount of torque/power he generates is very impressive.  Clayton is the type of player who is on his way up and has unlimited potential.  I am looking forward to watching him for many years to come. Coach Brent Bubela






  •  Offense MVP District 25-3A

  • 3A- Texas 1st team All State outfielder
  • 2nd Team Greater Houston Area OF , Class 4A-6A



Showcase State: TX

Primary Pos: OF 

Secondary Pos: 1B

Bat: Left

Throw: Right

Arm Velocity (MPH): X

BTA: .417


Run Time 60: X


  • District 25-3A Champions

Grade:  12

Grad: 2015

El Campo H.S.
El Campo TX

H. S. Coach: Russell Krenek


James & Brenda Harp
El Campo TX 77437

James: 979-332-1934

Brenda: 979-332-1935


Clayton has partnered with Will Bubela for Home Runs that Help

Will was born on June 24, 2009.  When he was only 5 ½ months old, he had a seizure that lasted 20 minutes.  From that point on, our life took a detour.  Will has a condition called Dravet (pronounced Druh-vay) Syndrome.  Dravet Syndrome is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy that begins in infancy.  Initial seizures are most often prolonged events, and in the second year of life other seizure types begin to emerge.  Development remains on track initially, with plateaus and a progressive decline typically beginning in the second year of life.  Individuals with Dravet syndrome face a higher incidence of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy).  Children with Dravet Syndrome do not outgrow this condition, and it affects every aspect of their daily lives.

Will’s life is much different than most kids.  He takes seizure medications three times a day.  He can’t play outside on warm summer days.  Dravet syndrome affects Will’s ability to control his body temperature.  If he gets overheated, he will have a seizure.  Over-stimulation with lights or sounds can also trigger a seizure.  Will is in a special needs school program now, and he has to be monitored constantly.  This school year, he has had one seizure at school, which required a trip to the ER.  He has also had a seizure on the school bus. 

Though he has some unpredictable seizure activity, when compared to other children with Dravet Syndrome, Will remains under pretty good seizure control.  He is five years old now, but his cognitive ability remains at about the 30-36 month level.  Controlling his tantrum behavior can also be a challenge.  He undergoes occupational, physical, speech, and behavioral therapy multiple days a week.  He also participates in horseback riding therapy, which he absolutely loves. 

Will is always going to be dependent on a caregiver.  We have seen some progress in his development, but we don’t anticipate he will ever be able to care for himself.  Despite the hardships of raising a child with a disability, Will brings us so much joy.  We love him very much, and we thank God each day for his blessings he has given us. 

Bert and Leslie Bubela