MO – Jeremy Eierman


Missouri Representative


Jeremy Eierman

6’0 / 195


AGE: 17







After being his high school catcher all year, Jeremy established himself as Prairie Gravel’s starting shortstop. By the end of the summer, college coaches and pro scouts said he is the best they have seen. On the field he is fast, strong and intelligent. Off the field, he is a leader and a classy young man. I loved watching Jeremy play every game.

Sam Sorce
Gravel Baseball



Showcase State: MO

Primary Pos: SS 

Secondary Pos: 2B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

Arm Velocity (MPH): X


Run Time 60: X


Warsaw High School

Warsaw MO

Grade:  12

Grad: 2015

College Commitment: Missouri State University


H. S. Coach: 


S.L. Coach: 


T.L. Coach:  


John & Eileen Eierman
Warsaw MO




Jeremy has partnered with Devon Parrott for Home Runs that Help

 Devon Parrott was born August 28, 2002. He had been an active, happy, healthy kid his whole life. He played soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball and football. In December of 2012 Devon was merely walking down the hall at school and fainted. He went to the doctor and a short time later was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome type three, which is the disturbance of the heart’s electrical system. It is caused by abnormalities of microscopic pores (proteins) in the heart cells called ion channels. LQTS is a glitch in the electrical recharging phase of the heart. The first warning sign for most kids is death. Devon was at a high risk of cardiac arrest and had to keep an AED with him at all times. Devon can no longer play any competitive sports, run, jump or participate in gym classes for life. He has to be on some form of medicine for life and wear a monitor.  Devon has to be careful that he doesn’t get too frightened, anxious, nervous, or too upset. Devon had an ICD surgically implanted since he was high risk.  Devon went back to the doctor in September and she said his ICD readings were great and released him to play basketball with his padded shirt and heart rate monitor one more year and was pretty sure he could continue in junior high. His long QT was back up in the high range again, but his medicine was helping for him not to have complications from that.  December of 2014 marks his 2 year anniversary that he got the diagnosis and in two years he has come so far. With the help of lots of people Devon’s Beat was formed and has raised over $20,000 for SADS and heart screenings. 77 kids were screened this year, some of which had murmurs that were moderate and will need to be re-tested after they hit puberty.