AZ – Cole Valletta

Arizona Representative


Cole Valletta

6’2 / 180


AGE: 17




It is with extreme pleasure to have coached Cole Valletta for the past 3 years. I have seen him grow as a player, student, and an individual. Cole has everything that exemplifies the complete “Student-Athlete.”

 I have watched Cole mature both on the field and off, constantly maintaining over a 4.0GPA never letting himself, or his teammates, down. Cole exhibits more integrity than any student, or player for that matter, that I have had the opportunity to teach or coach in nineteen years of education. He is honest, committed, and sincere in everything that he does. His code of ethics is apparent at every practice and game, and has visibly rubbed off on his fellow players.

Cole strives for excellence. He never gives up and will not stop until he feels he gets it right or at least understands what has been done incorrectly. He is constantly striving to better himself and handles adversity well. Mr. Valletta is fun to watch he can run down a ball in the gap with ease and can hit a 3-Run Bomb when we need it. Cole has tremendous arm strength and his bat speed is the quickest I’ve seen in a long time. The ball sounds differently when he squares it up from other players in the game and in BP. His upside is through the roof and the kid still doesn’t know how good he can be which is scary. Cole Valletta has all the tools the scouts look for in a player.

 Jeff Holland / Mesquite High School / Head Varsity Baseball Coach



Showcase State: AZ

Primary Pos: OF 

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

Arm Velocity (MPH): X

BTA: .350


Run Time 60: 6.6


Grade:  12

Grad: 2015

Mesquite H.S.
Gilbert, AZ

H. S. Coach: Jeff Holland


  • 2014 Division 1 State Runners-up


S.L. Coach: Jake Williams


Mike & Linda Valletta
Gilbert AZ


Mike: 602-432-5888

Linda: 480-221-4939


Cole has partnered with Griffin Connell and Ryan House Facility for Home Runs that Help.

Griffin was born a seemingly healthy baby, but with a puzzling hoarse cry.  After a day of observation and scans in the NICU, the doctors informed us that he was born with a very rare complex airway malformation called a Type 4 tracheal esophageal cleft.  One doctor indicated it is a one in a billion type of defect, at least to the extent his ran from his voice box to where the airway splits and goes into each lung.  90% of the kids born with this condition to the extent Griffin was diagnosed do not live.

His airway and esophagus were not fully divided, so anything that would have been taking by mouth would have rushed into his lungs.  It required a procedure to split the cleft to form the divider between the airway and esophagus.  In total, he was in the operating room for about 10 hours, to take care of the several steps needed to give him his best chance to live.

A couple weeks after the surgery, a trach was inserted to keep his airway open.  Without the trach, his airway would collapse because it is very floppy due to the cartilage rings that did not develop properly.  This is a condition called trachealmalacia.

Griffin has to go to the hospital at least every 3 weeks to have procedures to clear out tissue that forms inside his airway.

Despite spending one and a half of his first two years in the hospital, Griffin is a very happy boy.  His love for all sports, especially golf, football, baseball, and basketball, are evident while he intently watches games on TV or practices outside whenever he gets a chance.

Griffin and his family receive tremendous support from Ryan House, a Phoenix-based 501c3 care facility. Ryan House is designed to provide short-term overnight respite stays as well as end-of-life care. Ryan House is a place of comfort and compassion for children with life-threatening conditions.