North Carolina Representative


Austin Hawke


4’10 / 85

AGE: 11





My name is Peter Gilardo and I have had the pleasure of having Austin Hawke be a part of our Rock Solid Program for 4 years.  I played professionally for 3 years in the Red Sox organization and have been running our Rock Solid program for several years.

Austin is by far the most competitive player on his 12u team.  He is the youngest player on his team and is learning to control his emotions and stay positive.  His attitude sets the tone for most gams.   He did a great job getting behind the plate when asked to this year.   He still can work on blocking and squaring up his feet when throwing to bases, but did a very good job.  He has worked his way into a very solid all around player.  Austin played center field, catcher, and second base, three of the most important positions on the field.  He is a really good center fielder or outfielder in general, with excellent range and a very strong arm.  He runs the bases very well for his age.  He still has proven to be a little streaky at the plate, but this season he was very consistent with his production offensively.  His teammates love him and he always works hard.  

Austin is a great young man who loves to play the game and will always give you everything he has.  He is a pleasure to coach and given an opportunity will play his way into any lineup.  We love watching him play for our organization but he would be an asset for any showcase team.  Austin has played up in age group since joining our organization as a 7 year-old.  He currently plays on our 12u team and is a key part to their success.  He guests plays with his age group at the bigger tournaments.  At the 11u level, he brings power and can be a game changer for his team.

Peter Gilardo / Rock Solid Coach and Coordinator


Showcase State: NC

Primary Pos: OF

Secondary Pos: C/2B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

BTA: .x


Arm Velocity (MPH): 60

Run Time 60: x


  • 2014 12u Ripken Experience MVP
  • 2014 10u Nations Baseball Summer World Series – Base Running Champion
  • 2014 12u Southport-Oak Island Home Runs That Help Runner Up
  • 2013 10u Southport-Oak Island Dixie Youth Baseball Opening Day Home Run Champion 

  • 2014 11u Border Wars VIII Champions 
  • 2014 11u Ripken Experience Champions
  • 2014 12u Cooperstown Week 9 Runner Up
  • 2014 12u Top Gun Super Regional Champions
  • 2014 12u USSSA East Coast NIT Champions

Grade:  5

Southport Elementary School
Southport NC


T.L.  Coach: Peter Gilardo


T.L.  Coach:  Kenny Flythe


Chip & Michelle Hawke
Oak Island NC




Austin has partnered with Dacey Houghtaling for Home Runs that Help

 Dacey is a spunky, bright, happy, 8 year old little girl.  To look at her you would never imagine she had a care in the world or that she had any problems at all.  The truth that lies beneath all that is that she has dealt with more than you and I could ever imagine going through, especially in as short of time as eight years here on Earth.

            The journey all began when she was four months old when she went in for surgery to close two holes in her heart (ASD/VSD).  The news we received after the surgery was the beginning to the nightmare.  Once they had gotten in to close the holes, the surgeon saw that she was missing her Mitral valve (AV Canal).  Over the next six weeks it would be touch and go until she would have a mechanical valve placed.  The journey didn’t end with the placement of the valve.   She had battles in that visit alone and the parents were told on multiple occasions that she most likely would not make it.  Dacey was hospitalized from February 8tb, 2007 up until the week before Father’s Day in June.  She was not held from the initial surgery day up until Mother’s Day. Dacey continued to fight throughout her stay to prove just how strong she truly was.  After she got to go home, she battled with learning to eat again and how to do things that babies without complications typically don’t have any issues with at all.

            Over the next year, Dacey would continue on her rocky roller-coaster with learning and going back to a “normal” baby.  Almost a year since her first surgery, she was back in the operating room for Endocarditis,   Again, mom and dad were told she may not pull through, but they never gave up.  Every day was filled with prayers, love and support.  By the time she was out of the hospital this time she had already had four surgeries since birth.  She pulled through, her twin sisters were born shortly after, and she started with her journey.

            Since the two MAJOR hospitalizations (she has had multiple other stays for “maintenance” stays as we called them due to multiple other reasons) she has had three other open heart surgeries.  The last surgery was the most terrifying.  When the news first hit that she had another clot, each doctor that was contacted did not want to do the surgery due to the high risk of Dacey not being able to survive the surgery.  Once a surgeon accepted the “challenge,” we were on our way to Chapel Hill for surgery.  On the way to the Chapel Hill, mom and dad got the call that the surgery had been canceled.  Once in Chapel Hill the surgeon went over the options and a transplant became the option.  After waiting over two months for a heart, Dacey started going downhill faster.   Once again the option was given on whether we should wait on a heart or do the valve replacement.  We chose to do the valve replacement and she pulled through the best she ever had.

            Since July 2013, when Dacey was released from the hospital after her last major surgery, Dacey has had a couple other scares where she has been in the hospital.  Each trip is scary, but she goes through them as if it is completely natural.  She stays up all night with the nurses, and plays all day.  She is such a happy little girl and all she wants is to be treated like any other kid.  She has been a fighter when others would have given up.  She smiles when she is sad, and cries when she sees others upset.  Her hugs will warm the coldest heart.  Dacey is such a good reminder that no matter what, always be thankful for those you have in your life, because at any given moment your world can come tumbling down.  Whether it’s just a scare or the day you never want to see coming.