KY – Ethan Wood



Kentucky Representative


Ethan Wood

RHP / 1B

6’0 / 154

AGE: 12




Over the last three seasons I have had the joy of coaching and working with Ethan Wood.  Ethan has played with our MaxPower Baseball since the Fall of 2011.  Ethan is obviously very talented.  Ethan is also very big for twelve years old.  A lot of people look at Ethan and think he dominates because of his size.  While his size is an advantage, it is not what makes him one of the best twelve year old players I have ever seen.  To me the things that set Ethan apart from others are his intangibles.  I’ll touch on a few of those intangibles:

  • Work Ethic – Ethan is a tireless worker.  He is committed to being the best he can be and is willing to put in the work necessary to make that happen.

  • Coachable – Ethan is eager to learn.  He always listens intently when being given instruction or constructive criticism.

  • Competitive – Ethan hates to lose.  He leaves it all on the field.

  • Good Teammate – Ethan is very encouraging and supportive of his teammates.

  • Leadership – Ethan’s teammates follow his lead.  He sets a good example and encourages others to follow.

On the field Ethan is a terrific player.  Off the field Ethan is a terrific young man.  Ethan is very polite and respectful to adults.  Ethan has a wonderful sense of humor.  When he and his friends are together it is a laugh a minute.  Ethan is a good friend.  Other kids love to be around him.  In addition, Ethan is an excellent student.  He is consistently one of the top in his class.

Jim White MaxPower Baseball


This past year Ethan got the opportunity to play with the Indiana Baseball Club in the Perfect Game National Championship in Nashville, TN and Baseball Youth National Championship in Westfield, Indiana. First time I saw Ethan, my initial thought was a monstrous kid playing on his superior size. I quickly realized that his size helped him hit balls way beyond what a normal kid his age could muster.  His agility and surprisingly advanced knowledge of the game itself is what I found to separate him from other kids. Ethan, like many other kids his age, have a lot of skills to improve on and master. I have had the opportunity to coach numerous kids that are playing or have played at the professional level and Ethan possesses similar traits to those particular players at the same ages.

  • Great power hitter with an outstanding knowledge of the strike zone

  • Ability to make players around him better by leading by example

  • Work ethic that puts him in position to maintain being an elite player

  • Agile player that is unparalleled for kid his size

  • Has a goal and will work towards it with great tenacity

  • Fits in well with other players and is a gentle kid

  • Understands who he is on a baseball field and comes thru in the clutch

  • Plays with a love of the game and respects other players

Ethan has a strong desire to play this game at the highest level. With a little luck , Ethan has a chance to become someone we will hear about for a lot of years. His work ethic and love for the game will keep pushing him to hopefully one day give him chance to realize his dream of playing college baseball. In a world of athletes being bad role models, Ethan Wood has a strong faith and that is the one thing that impresses me the most as a coach. He was a joy to coach and I look forward to helping him achieve any goals he has playing the game of baseball. Ethan is a player that everyone needs to see play and at this point in his baseball career is an unique talent. Good luck Ethan and keep working hard kid.

Bert Neff Head Coach Indiana Baseball Club


Showcase State: KY

Primary Pos: RHP

Secondary Pos: 1B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

BTA: .620

HRs Hit SPRING: 39

Arm Velocity (MPH): 76

Run Time 60: x


Grade:  7

Danville Bate Middle School
Danville KY


T.L. Coach: Bert Neff

  • Featured in Baseball Youth as a Top Player to Watch
  • Featured by Travel Ball Select as Top Player to Watch
  • Selected to the TBS All Midwest Team
  • 2 Game Day USA MVP awards
  • Named to Baseball Youth All Stars 4 times
  • Named to the Baseball Youth All American Team
  • Named to the USSSA All American Team
  • Named as the Top Performer from the USSSA All American Team tryouts in Cincinnati
  • Home Run Derby Champion numerous times


  • USSSA AA KY State Champions
  • USSSA AA World Series Champions
  • USSSA Open Global World Series Champions


  • Baseball Youth National champions

Amanda & Russell Wood
Lebanon KY 40033

Amanda: 270-402-9855

Russell: 270-402-9858


Ethan has partnered with Working the Puzzle for Autism for Home Runs that Help

Ethan Wood has teamed with Working the Puzzle for Autism for Home Runs That Help.  This organization’s goal is to promote autism awareness and provide an avenue for families of person’s with autism to know what resources are available.  Pictured in the photo with Ethan are Lisa Nalley Martin, Founder of Working the Puzzle for Autism and Layla Wood, Ethan’s 7 year old sister who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s.


Ethan teamed with Working The Puzzle For Autism and raised $1,533 for the charity. Ethan was inspired to choose this charity in support of his sister Layla@laylagracewood who was diagnosed in 2013 with Aspergers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that gave to this very deserving organization. Pictured from left: Layla Wood (Ethan’s sister), Ethan Wood, Lisa Nally-Martin (founder) & Evan Martin (Lisa’s son).