FLORIDA – Nicholas Villanti

Florida Representative


Nicholas Villanti

RHP / 1B

5’2 / 125

AGE: 12








 Nich Villanti is a young man that takes his baseball seriously, but truly understands whats important in life.  He is determined to achieve the highest levels possible when it comes to baseball success.  He is a caring kid with an excellent relationship with his teammates. As his coach, I look at him as one example of what its like to be a team player.  Nicholas has been awarded with Pitcher of the month recognition, and has worked very hard over the last year in his hitting game, so much that he achieved the great goal of hitting Home Runs as a 12 year old.  I am very proud of Nich Villanti, for not only the Baseball player he has become, but the incredible human being he is becoming.  He is learning and maturing every single day we step on a Baseball field, and how he is using it off the field.  His devotion to his fund raise campaign Home Runs for Molly a young lady fighting cancer clearly shows the spirit of a great human being.  Players like Nick are a coaches dream at the high school and collegiate levels, and Nick will be an outstanding Pitcher, and 1st baseman in this game.  – Coach Eddie Gonzalez

 Nicholas Villanti is a gentleman on and off the field. In his 7th grade year at Bell Shoals Baptist Academy, I have seen him emerge as a leader amongst his peers. He works hard at whatever you ask him to do and his response to correction or direction is always “yes-sir” followed by his smile. He pushes himself to be the best he can be and he isn’t afraid of trying new things. He is a joy to teach. I am proud to be his coach.

– Coach Warren / Athletic Director / Bell Shoals Baptist Academy

I met Nicholas last year. I thought to myself, this young man is an athlete, but that wasn’t what got my attention. I am the Head Coach at Bell Shoals Baptist Academy and the biggest thing that I look for is CHARACTER. A coach can teach everything about a sport that he or she knows but one thing we cant teach is CHARACTER and Nicholas has that. What has impressed me most about Nicholas is not what he does on the field but what he does off the field. He treats his peers in school with respect, gets great grades, respects his teachers and on top of it all, does good in the community. Nicholas is raising money for cancer awareness for 6 year old little girl named Molly. Now tell me, what 7th grade young man takes time out of his busy schedule to do this? NICHOLAS VILANTI does. Nicholas is a leader and a great one. I think if we had more young leaders like him in our schools, our world would be a better place. Nicholas doesn’t take anything for granted. He has earned everything and has never asked for anything to be given to him. This young man would be my Character of the Year Award winner. I can’t wait to see how things turn out for Nicholas in the years to come.

Coach Chris Peters



Showcase State: FL

Primary Pos: RHP

Secondary Pos: 1B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

BTA: .500


Arm Velocity (MPH): 65

Run Time 60: 8.0




Grade:  7

Bell Shoals Baptist Academy
Brandon FL

GPA: 3.85


T.L.  Coach: Eddie Gonzalez



  • 2014 Selected for Duke University TIP program for gifted students
  • Pitcher of the Month
  • Strikeout Leader of the Month
  • NWTBA World Championship Participant (Bahamas)
  • Multiple USSA Championships

Jimmy Villanti / Stephanie Villanti
Riverview FL 33569

Stephanie: 813-465-8163

Jimmy: 813-403-0101



Nicholas Villanti

Home Runs that Help Humanitarian Award Winner


Nicholas has partnered with Molly Little for Home Runs that Help

 Nicholas is sponsoring 6 year old Molly Little and her family. A few months ago Molly was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. All proceeds from his efforts will go to her family. His goal is to help offset medical and travel expenses and to raise DIPG awareness in the community.

He is rallying community efforts and was a special guest at the Stowers’ Elementary Knockin’ Out Cancer Superhero mom/son dance, the Flavor Run 5k, a 3rd annual Holiday Shopping event and will also be the primary charity at the Food Truck Rally at the St. Pete Pier. He has an online tshirt fundraiser set up, is also selling bracelets and has several sponsors for raffle fundraisers and a crowd funding campaign at www.gofundme.com/NichHonorsMolly.




Matt Joyce (formerly Tampa Bay Rays, just traded to Angels) found out about Nicholas’ efforts to help Molly..  Here they are together. Matt autographed the tshirt he is wearing and gave back to us to raffle/auction off. He also signed the shirt Nicholas is wearing so he could give to Molly!

I want to start out by thanking you. I want to thank you because this Power Showcase has turned out to be so much more than baseball. I’d like to share with you how the Home Runs That Help piece of this experience has already changed the life of my son, 12 year old Nicholas Villanti. 

In June of 2014, six year old Molly Little, was diagnosed with a terminal brain stem tumor called DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Without a miracle, this Christmas will be her last. When Nicholas learned about Home Runs That Help, without hesitation, he chose to support Molly and her family. Molly has 2 sisters, ages 4 and 7. Her father is in the military and is stationed at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa. Nicholas is on track to well surpass his $5000 goal. Channel 13 WTVT, Bay News 9 and other media sources have been contacting us and are tracking his progress.

In the last few months Nicholas has been a part of many different events. He was a special guest at a local elementary school, Stower’s Elementary Knockin’ Out Cancer mom/son dance as well as the Flavor Run 5K event in Sarasota, FL. Nicholas was also a special guest at a 3rd Annual Holiday Event in Brandon, Fl. He was asked to be the charity of the month at the St. Pete Pier Food Truck Rally this coming weekend and has set up a spaghetti fundraiser on January 13th at the church where Molly attends. Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays learned of his efforts and autographed a tshirt for auction/raffle and also autographed one for Nicholas to give to Molly.

Nicholas has collected cash and checks from individuals and also has a crowd funding site for credit card donations.. http://www.gofundme.com/NichHonorsMolly. He is selling Molly bands to friends, neighbors, classmates and teachers. He is also selling tshirts. 

This experience has been life changing for Nicholas and for our whole family. It has allowed us to see how kindness multiplies. A 12 year olds efforts has created a ripple effect like I never imagined. Nicholas has not only been rallying community efforts to help raise awareness for DIPG and raise money for the family to offset medical expenses, but he has also inspired his classmates to help too. Many of the children (and teachers) in Nicholas’ school can be seen wearing bright green “Pray For Molly” bracelets. Many of Nicholas” classmates have helped with fundraisers and call me from time to time asking when the next one is so they too can help. Nicholas is considering starting an organization in Molly’s Honor, that is focused on “kids helping kids”.. His hope is that he can inspire many more children to pay it forward, show thanks for what they have been blessed with and value the importance of blessing others.

So again, thank you for teaching our kids that life isn’t just about baseball. It’s about how can we as human beings not only leave a mark on the baseball field but also in people’s hearts by doing good for others. The reward in doing so has already come back to us ten fold.