Coach Doug Jennings


HEAD COACH Doug Jennings

Doug Jennings is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Scratching and clawing with hard work is how he got where he is in life, and he simply doesn’t know any other way.The North Broward Prep assistant coach is well known on the team for his willingness to do whatever it takes to help make the Eagles’ players better at their games. He understands that each member must play to their capabilities, and that players understand their body sizes and what their roles are on the team. He reminds players not to go outside of themselves or else risk failing right out of the game.The trust from his North Broward players did not come right away, especially as some clung to clichés they had learned over the years. They looked at Jennings like he had three heads when he suggested different approaches than those they were familiar with.So Jennings took some swings and showed them, and suddenly his credibility turned the corner with them. The players were in awe as he displayed hitting the likes of which he professed they could also achieve. Players wanted to know if he had ever played professionally.“Well, yeah, I did play,” Jennings replied, perhaps the biggest understatement of his life.Doug Jennings played a 21-year professional baseball career that spanned several leagues at multiple levels of baseball, including the major leagues and also the Japanese Professional League. A 1984 second-round pick by the former California Angels, Jennings was a Rule 5 Draft Pick by the Oakland Athletics who played for the team during the “Bash Brothers” era from 1988-1991, in which Oakland won a World Series title in 1989. He was also a key contributor for the Orix Blue Wave in the Nippen Professional Leagues in Japan, teaming with Ichiro Suzuki to help end a 17-year championship drought for the Blue Wave.Jennings spent a good majority of his MLB career in the minor leagues, also playing for the Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs. He was a key member of the Reds’ 2004 Minor League Championship team and also started for minor league all-star teams. In fact, from 1988 to 1996, Jennings was a part of seven championship teams. His final championship season came in 2004 with the Long Island Ducks in the Independent Leagues, where he was a player/coach who had an MVP season while setting all-time team records for batting average and RBI. He also set an Atlantic League record with an amazing .505 on base percentage.But the biggest indicator of his career’s success came on July 9, 2005, when the Long Island Ducks and sponsor Evergreen Mortgage presented “Doug Jennings Bobble-head Night” by giving away 2,000 bobblehead dolls specially made in Jennings likeness. “I told my manager Buddy Harrelson that I had 20 years in the pros, but it wasn’t until I won a title with the Long Island Ducks that I finally made it onto a bobblehead,” Jennings joked.This ability to stay grounded and not carry a large ego is a credit to Jenning’s character, which is perhaps his best asset. “I learn from him, and he helps me a great deal as a coach. We feed off of each other,” North Broward coach Brian Campbell said. “He’s also a great friend, and we are lucky to have him around.” Jennings jokes that the two get along so well because they are both “good ole Southern boys from Georgia” who don’t carry large egos that could get in the way. They bounce ideas off each other and trust one another.