14U BATTING ORDER/Home Run Derby

During the preliminary round each participant will receive 15 outs with the bat of their choice.

The field dimension will be 225ft-275ft-225ft.

The pitching machine will be set at a velocity of 50/53 mph from a distance of 50 feet.

The top two finalists will advance to the Championship Round.

*WILDCARD – If a Player hits the furthest Home Run and does not finish in the top two, then he will also advance to the finals

Number Name State
1 Frye PA
2 Loriga FL
3 Throneberry MO
4 Soucia NH
5 Quintana FL
6 Johnson FL
7 Powers FL
8 Todd FL
9 Villarreal TX
10 Bode IN
11 Parra TX
12 McKnight GA
13 Ramsey NH
14 Tyler Smith NY
14 Thomas CA
15 Freeman SC
16 Ramano FL
17 Blaire FL
18 McClure FL
20 Jordan MS
20 Chlup CZR
21 Kim Kor
22 Choi Kor
23 Rogerson FL
24 Carter FL
25 Goff MO