In order to participate in the event each player and/or parent must print out and sign the three releases and waivers.

These must be on file with POWER SHOWCASE before the event.


you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader ( A FREE PROGRAM)
installed to complete the forms online: GO to adobe.com and search for FREE Adobe Reader and download program.

The forms are in PDF format – you can complete online by placing your mouse in the appropriate places, at the bottom SAVE button (looks like a disk): save as pdf and email to powershowcase@gmail.com  OR you can PRINT (printer button at bottom) and mail in:

Power Showcase, Inc.
6663 Hollandaire Drive West
Boca Raton FL 33433

1. CLICK FOR: Ballpark Release

2. CLICK FOR: Video/Photo Release

3.  CLICK FOR: Medical Release