Steve Primetime

14u-EAST Assistant Coach



Steve Primetime graduated from Queens College in 2011 after his what looked like to be fast track to professional baseball stardom was derailed due to an unfortunate Tommy John surgery.

 Since then Steve has reinvented himself in the professional sports world as a private financial advisor taking on young phenoms and veteran superstars alike in MLB & NFL as well as executive staffing.

 During the year Steve really displays his passion for baseball by devoting his free time as an advocate for arm care helping players and coaches involved with youth player development programs.

 Steve Primetime has since become a Special Advisor for Famous Swing Inc. which is a world class player development brand dedicated to developing the highest caliber players in the United States and elevating them to their next level.

 By creating an innovative learning culture and utilizing slow motion video analysis technology, the development staff at Famous Swing has dedicated themselves by evaluating what the most efficient and healthiest movement patterns are going to be for the growth of each individual player.

 Advocated by basic physics, video evidence, and biomechanics science; players & coaches will be attaining the most cutting edge developmental information in the world.

 Thus sustaining a long and prosperous playing career.