2016 MIAMI



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Phil was drafted in 1990 in the seventh round by the Kansas City Royals out of Louisiana Tech University. After short season, he jumped to high A ball and then AA in 1991. In 1992 he played in Memphis for the Memphis chicks hit 27 home runs and was promoted to AAA at the end of the year where he was slated to go to the big leagues but tore his ankle last day of the season in AAA. In 1993 and injury to third baseman Keith Miller gave Hiatt first opportunity in big leagues, where he stayed the whole year. In 1994 he was sent back to AA to learn how to play outfield before Breaking camp with the royals as an outfielder in 1995 .In 1996 he was traded to the Detroit tigers and found himself in his first full season in AAA where he won the international League Mvp with 42 home runs and 118 RBIs and was called up to the Tigers in September , but his contract was sold to the Hanshin Tigers of Japan. He played one year in Japan before coming back and signing with the Yankees in 1998 and after spring training went to play with the Cleveland Indians where he hit 31 home runs in AAA Buffalo. After a broken wrist in spring training Phil finish the season in 1999 with the Cincinnati Reds AAA in Indianapolis. In 2000 Phil signed with the Rockies AAA where he hit 36 home runs 109 RBIs. In 2001 Phil found himself in the big leagues once again with the Dodgers after an appendicitis to third baseman Adrian Beltre during spring training. He returned to Triple AAA when Beltre returned in May. Phil played 4 months in Las Vegas and had his best minor league season with 44 home runs and 99 RBIs and an average of . 330 and captured Pacific Coast League MVP and was called up to Los Angeles in September. He played with the Dodgers in 2002 but tore his ankle again in spring training and pretty much missed the whole year. In 2003 he signed with the Cubs AAA and hit 25 home runs. In 2004 he signed with the Astros AAA and hit 30 homers. In 2005 he signed with the Washington Nationals but retired during spring training. Phil ended up playing 3 years in the major leagues and 14 in the minor leagues where he ended up 314 home runs, 986 RBIs, playing in 1500 games.


West Florida Baseball Academy was founded by Phil and Misty Hiatt and is run by former and current Major league baseball players. The West Florida Baseball Academy is a non-profit organization, that provides quality year round baseball instruction to the young athletes in the Pensacola and surrounding areas. Phil Hiatt, has joined forces with several local former MLB alumni to create this one of a kind academy. Each of these men bring a unique professional background to the facility with experience spanning across many professional organizations, which include but are not limited to, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals,  Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox. Most importantly, they all have a love and passion for the game that they want to share with up and coming players. The best coaches are life coaches, not just athletic ones. Our coaches at the Academy mentor a picture of what a person should be.