Bryan Loriga Wins World Championship

Hat’s off to Bryan Loriga.

Behind an unforgettable performance in Sunday’s POWER SHOWCASE championship at Miami Marlins Park, Loriga swung his way to becoming the newest World Champion. The Florida high school sophomore narrowly edged Malikai Wickley with an unprecedented and incredibly dramatic conclusion in which he made his title push when down to his final out.

After taking the Underclassmen Group title with his showing, Loriga then waited out the five finalists in the Featured Group to emerge as the overall group leader with 11 total home runs in the finals. From an out away from defeat, suddenly Loriga found himself wearing the title of World Champion.

“This feels amazing right now that I just pulled this off,” Loriga said. “It just feels amazing.”

Loriga is no stranger to the POWER SHOWCASE, after competing in the last two Miami events and also winning the 2017 15U title. Now he has reached the mountaintop at the POWER SHOWCASE with a title and recognition that can never be taken away.

Wickley certainly did not make it easy for him, after also delivering an impressive show that had the Texas slugger holding a comfortable lead. Making some good swings and slowly building his lead after moving past fellow Underclassmen Group finalist Jon Johnson, Wickley sat on six home runs when he reached his final out. The high school junior reached within and found something special, finding his best swings and crushing four straight homers to build a comfortable lead with 10 total home runs.

“He is a great hitter and he hits,” Loriga said of Wickley. “He is a good ball player and he brought out the best in me.”

In a game as superstitious as baseball, fans certainly can agree that Loriga’s choice to toss aside his ball cap midway through his round may have made all the difference. With the cap on his head Loriga managed just four home runs and found himself down to his last three outs. Two straight jacks followed, including a 433-foot blast to deep center field. Loriga then found himself down to his last out with a long way still to go.

Five swings later Loriga’s fortunes had completely changed, as he clubbed bomb after bomb and refused to lose with the title taste nearly in his mouth. A 368-foot shot cleared left field, then two straight soared over the Budweiser bar on the left field concourse, including the farthest home run of the entire showcase at 457 feet. A 373-foot bomb to left evened things up with Wickley, and Loriga then completed the trip to Titletown by crushing a 425-foot shot to left field.

“I didn’t really want to watch it because I knew I was going to be nervous the entire time,” Wickley admitted. “Bryan did a heck of a job and hat’s off to him. I put up ten and I knew I had to make it interesting for him, because he won it last year. He is a power hitter, he knows his swing and he knows what he is doing. He gets to his backside really well and obviously he launches baseballs.”

Both finalists certainly exhibited their impressive mental toughness and fortitude. Together they combined for nine home runs on the final two outs of the round, proving that each is capable of delivering in the clutch when the stakes are the highest.

“I felt myself trying to get too big and not really in my swing,” Wickley said. “My swing is most powerful when I am short and quick to the ball, and I felt myself getting away from that. So on my last out I told myself, “Reset, take a couple of pitches, do your swing and just do what you do’. Hat’s off to Bryan; it was a heck of a job. This was a lot of fun and an experience I will remember forever.”

As the dust settled and reality of what he had accomplished set in, Loriga reflected on the unique path that his title run took. As one of the last participants in Friday’s Preliminary Round, he was the next in turn when the round was postponed due to curfew, which meant Loriga’s turn did not arrive until the next afternoon. But he shook that off and smacked his way to the group lead with 11 homers, which also earned him the privilege to select the batting order in the finals and set himself up to hit last.

“When I didn’t hit that day when I was waiting from 3:00 until 11:00 PM, I went home and thought about it and I felt that everything happens for a reason,” Loriga said. “It was probably better for me to get some rest and come back tomorrow and just hit. I tried to carry over what I did from the first round, but it almost didn’t work when I was one out away. But I pulled it out.”


By: Rick Duteau


Featured Star Jesse Garcia Slugs His Way To World Championship

California’s Jesse Garcia already knew what it felt like to win a POWER SHOWCASE championship, but nothing could prepare him for the joy he felt on Saturday after he belted his way to becoming the newest World Champion. After winning the inaugural Rookies Group four years ago, Garcia swung his way past five other worthy competitors with 15 home runs that led both the Featured and Underclassmen and earned the championship crown, at the 12th annual POWER SHOWCASE held at Miami Marlins Park.

“This is the greatest feeling; honestly, it is the best,” Garcia said. “I just didn’t want to come back out here, not perform well and have people say he didn’t work hard. By putting in the work I came out better, so I proved that I am even better now.”

The world title is decided between finalists from both the Underclassmen and Featured groups, which pitted a total of six participants this year. Garcia was fortunate to have the opportunity to swing last, which allowed him to know exactly how many home runs he needed to hit in order to surpass the field and take home the gold.

To win the Featured Group meant Garcia needed as many homers as the overall leader hit, which put him in a situation where he would either win it all or else he would not have even won his group. This was due to the fact that Kansas’ Payton Smith led the Underclassmen by hitting 13 home runs, one ahead of the 12 total long balls that Featured finalist Triston Casas hit.

Casas came into the championship round off a preliminary performance that turned heads and made him a crowd favorite to win it all. The Florida senior twice connected for home runs over 500 feet during his prelim round, and he again surpassed the 500 mark by clubbing a 501-foot shot off the massive video board in deep center field. Casas put his first swing of the round 418-feet into the right field upperdeck bleachers using a wooden bat, and he continued to showcase his hitting ability by peppering homers all over the field. He twice hit the Marlins’ sculpture, and he also dropped one into the outfield concourse.

It took a lion’s effort to surpass Casas’ performance, and fortunately Garcia has the heart of a king inside him. He also managed to connect for a homer with the wood bat, a shot that went 396-feet out of Marlins Park. Once he switched to the aluminum stick, he swatted six straight homers to put himself in excellent position for the title.

“My mindset was just to make sure I got the timing down,” Garcia said. “The wood-bat round was just for timing and I didn’t care if I hit any out. One is good and will help me with the metal bat. I got the timing down and as soon as I went with metal it was unleash time. When I feel that groove it feels like I’m not even swinging. It just feels like a fluid motion, like I am just standing up there having fun. It just feels like I don’t have a bat in my hand.”

Given 15 outs to play with during the metal-bat round, Garcia’s seventh longball came when he only had three outs. He got hot again and swatted six in a row to match Casas’ total, then belted a 396-foot shot to center field that gave him the Featured Group championship and tied him with Smith for the overall lead. With five outs remaining, Garcia sent the next baseball he hit on a trip of 461 feet that earned him the World Championship when it landed. He then managed one last dinger of 377 feet to close the round, giving him 35 total home runs in the showcase.

Garcia has hit 70 total home runs in the two POWER SHOWCASE events he has participated in. He also hit 35 total home runs on his way to the Rookies Championship when he was 14 years old.


Written by: Rick Duteau

MS Blaze Jordan 11th WORLD CHAMPION



Under – Wild Card – Blaze Jordan – MS

Prelim – 9HR  Best – 495FT 2 Consec

Championship – 14

Total – 23


FL Justin Farmer 10th WORLD CHAMPION


fl-farmer-10th miami-MWJ_0371-awards-coaches

5 Home Runs during Preliminary Round

6 Home Runs during Championship Round

Longest Distance: 451′

Most Consecutive – 2 (Tie Breaker)

Most Overall – 11 (Tie Breaker)


NY Vito Friscia Wins 9th Annual World Championship



NY-FRISCIA-WORLD-CHAMPION-PLAQUE-9TH-postFriday was a dream come true for New York’s Vito Friscia. Displaying an impressive amount of poise, patience and power, the senior from Valley Stream High School swung his way to the crown in the 9th Annual POWER SHOWCASE All World/All American Baseball Classic at Marlins Park in Miami. After popping nine home runs in the preliminary round to advance to the finals, Friscia got into a groove and blasted nine more home runs to beat out Florida’s Danny Reyes and Georgia’s defending world champion John Michael Boswell to claim the title.

“When it first happened it was so surreal that I was in shock. Now that it’s really kicking in it’s an unbelievable feeling,” Friscia said.

Friscia brought a very disciplined approach to his swings. The 6’3”, 220-pound righty was patient and in control, popping out three in a row at one point and also hitting a long that traveled 450 feet. Before he left for Florida, Friscia’s hitting coach told him he would get in a stage where he would just want to be crushing balls and pulling off. So he focused on keeping his mental approach, staying down on the ball and doing what he does best.

“That’s what helped me make it through my struggles at points and win the whole thing,” Friscia said. “Once you find it, like everyone probably knows, it’s an unbelievable feeling that you can be in that groove and hitting balls you never would think you could hit before. I found it and I was able to maintain it throughout the whole championship round and win it.”

Boswell and Reyes both finished with five home runs in the finals. Arizona’s Chad McClanahan had six, North Carolina’s Dino Looney had five, Georgia’s Austin Biggar hit three and Texas’ Zander Brown had one to represent the underclassmen competing in the championship round.

The Future Stars also put on quite a show in their respective championship rounds. Mississippi’s Blaze Jordan continued to showcase his big-time ability by clubbing 24 longballs to claim the Future Stars Rookies world championship. Florida’s Sal Stewart finished with 12, Irving Carter had seven and Gio Cueto had three home runs in the finals.

The Future Stars Advanced group closed out the showcase in grand fashion. New Jersey’s Lillo Paxia clubbed 23 home runs to take the early lead, after Florida’s Mykanthony Valdez opened the round with two home runs. Florida’s Yordani Carmona followed with seven home runs to bring up Florida’s Luis Tuero, from Sagemont High School in Weston. After popping 24 longballs in the preliminary round, Tuero got into a groove in the finals and hit seven in a row at one point. The left-handed slugger passed Paxia for the crown on a 385-foot shot, and ended with 31 home runs in all.

Tuero’s grand total of 55 set a new POWER SHOWCASE record, and he finished with a long of 420 feet in the final round. Numerous players earned individual awards during the grand ceremony that followed the finals, which also provided one last moment for all in attendance to relish and enjoy the excitement of the entire event.

“I knew it was going to be a lot of fun, but I never pictured anything like this. It was unbelievable,” Friscia said. “To be invited here with the best power hitters in the world was a great experience.”

Written by Rick Duteau



Jesse Garcia clinches the 8th Annual Power Showcase Future Stars Championship

Jesse Garcia

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Jesse Garcia watched the baseball sail far and deep and his heart jumped as the thought came into his mind that he had just won the POWER SHOWCASE.

The 14-year old from California connected for a shot that traveled 397 feet for his ninth home run, breaking a three-way tie to best his three fellow competitors and win the inaugural Future Stars showcase at Marlins Park during the eighth annual POWER SHOWCASE. The hit came as Garcia was down to only two outs remaining, and it came after he had a slow start before finding his groove.

“I’m amazed. I’m in shock. I just can’t believe it right now; it’s a great feeling,” Garcia said. “I stepped back and thought about my mechanics, and then I got my timing down. This is the biggest thing I ever won in the world. It just feels awesome.”

John Michael Boswell Clinches the 8th Annual Power Showcase Championship

John Michael Boswell

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The underclassman from Atlanta Georgia battled through two tiebreaker rounds to ultimately claim the world champion title in the eighth annual POWER SHOWCASE that concluded Sunday at Marlin Park in Miami. Boswell connected on shots that distanced 381 and 421 feet, and then watched as Canada’s Wylie Johnston managed just a 406-foot home run on his final turn. After the two finalists had tied for six apiece in the championship, then had both come up empty in the first tiebreaker, finally Boswell prevailed as the new world champion.

“It’s a dream where at first you almost think in your mind that there will be a tiebreaker and you will hit the home run. But to actually live it and experience it is so different,” Boswell said. “To actually accomplish something like this for the people back home is a dream come true. The first day I noticed I was the only underclassman from Georgia, and I wanted to do it for my hometown and for my state. The people back home have been so supportive; they all got together and were watching on the television. Everybody was sending me text messages and telling me I did a great job. They have been amazing.”

Boswell garnered a bevy of awards, winning the IMG Academies Underclassman award, the award for the most home runs in the underclassman preliminary round, the title for the most overall home runs, the most home runs with the wood bat and the most consecutive longballs with the wood bat.

“I was praying on a couple of them to get lucky,” Boswell admitted. “In this type of event, you’ve got one pitch in one spot and you’ve got to look for it.”

David Denson of California Clinches the 7th Annual Power Showcase World Championship

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David Denson, (Covina, CA) won perhaps the most dramatic Power Showcase Championship in our seven-year history, and he did it in record-breaking display at Marlins Park In Miami.

Denson blasted 3 mammoth 500+-feet Home Runs in the prelims Saturday including a record-breaking 515 foot shot off the video board above the upper deck in right-center!

He hit 4 HRs in four swings. Denson totaled 9 HRs in regulation and the Swing-off.  His beaming smile was as big as the crowd’s approval of his success. Players and fans rushed the field to take pictures and seek autographs.

That alone sent shockwaves immediately via social media around the baseball world.  And that only set the stage for a frenzied crowd and Twitter and Facebook-fest that followed in the Finals Sunday.

After the tie, Naylor lead-off with 5 swings in the Power Showcase Swing-Off.  Denson followed and left no doubt.  He hit 4 HRs in four swings.Denson totaled 9 HRs in regulation and the Swing-off.  His beaming smile was as big as the crowd’s approval of his success.Players and fans rushed the field to take pictures and seek autographs.

David Denson had a day and week that ballplayers for generations could only dream about in a backyard home run derby.  And he did it in new, spacious Miami Marlins Park at the 7th Annual Power Showcase.





GA-Kyle Carter – 6th Annual Power Showcase World Champion




Georgia’s KYLE CARTER slugs his way to winning 6th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby

December 28, 2011 By  

PHOENIX, AZ (December 29, 2011) – What began with 91 competitors from seven different countries ended up with just one standing as Columbus, Georgia native Kyle Carter bashed a total of 14 homers to earn the title of the 6th Annual Power Showcase World Champion.

Hitters each had five outs with wood and 15 with aluminum during the preliminary round on Tuesday with the top five sluggers advancing to Wednesday’s championship.

It all started early Tuesday morning at Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The power was slow to come on as none of the first 34 hitters would slug enough homers to finish in the Top-5. But there were still fireworks from the fourth hitter, Rowdy Tellez, a junior first baseman from Elk Grove High School in northern California. The 6’4”, 230 lb lefthanded hitter hit one way out with wood (421 feet), then three laser shots with aluminum including back-to-back blasts. Tellez’s farthest was measured at 462 feet, sailing high over the right field stands. The hitter before Tellez, Joseph Duffin (Villa Park HS, CA) hit five homers, all with aluminum. Three of them came in a row and the farthest went 459 feet. The powerful 6’1”, 205 lb righthanded hitter (committed to UC-Santa Barbara) held the lead as thirty more hitters took their cuts only for his five jacks to get obliterated by the 11 hit by Corbin Weeks (Evangel Christian HS, FL), who hit them all with aluminum. Weeks’s bounty included four in a row and a 457 foot launch. Standing at 5’10”, 180 lbs, Weeks was hardly a favorite coming into the event but left spectators gasping with his performance. He’s committed to NAIA Southeastern University. It took until the 56th hitter for someone to tie Weeks and that was Tanner Rahier (No HS, Palm Desert HS, CA). The righthanded hitter, committed to the University of San Diego, is better known to scouts as a slick-fielding shortstop but he showed another impressive dimension to his game on Tuesday. Rahier had a stretch of three consecutive aluminum bat bombs and his longest blast was measured at 466 feet. Three of his homers crashed the Friday’s Front Row section in the upper deck in left field.

Justin Bellinger (St. Sebastian’s HS, MA), a mere sophomore, hit a 477 foot bomb among his five home runs in the preliminary round. The 6’6”, 220 lb lefthanded hitter is a tower of power, committed early to Vanderbilt, and one who’s early on the draft radar for 2014.

Kyle Carter (Columbus HS, GA) qualified for the Top-5 by hitting seven total homers in the preliminary round. The University of Georgia-bound two-way player hit one out with wood, then six more with aluminum including a 487-foot bomb to right field that measured as the event’s longest home run.

Carter, Weeks, and Rahier would eventually be joined in the championship round by Auburn-bound Jordan Ebert (Baldwin City HS, AL) and junior Ryan Sullivan (Hopkinton HS, MA).

Sullivan, the only underclassman to make the Top-5, started out like gangbusters by hitting four home runs with wood, the most at the event. He hit three more with metal to advance.

There was only one opposite field home run during the competition, understandably, Cort Brinson (Oak Grove HS, MS) found the pool in right center at 414ft.  Chris Chinea (Miami Gulliver Prep HS, FL) was the only one to go long to center off the Jumbo Tron in Center Field. Chinea’s 433-foot blast went over the “413 ft” sign just to the leftof straightaway. Chinea has committed to Miami.

Though he only hit one homer, sophomore outfielder Gerard Hernandez (Pinnacle HS, AZ) showed perhaps the best lefthanded bat-speed at the event. The 5’9”, 195 lb powerhouse is one to watch, both as a prospect and as a home run derby participant in the coming years. Hernandez creams his line- drives and just needs a little more lift to put them over the fence.

Wednesday afternoon was all set for the championship round as Tanner Rahier, Corbin Weeks, Ryan Sullivan, Kyle Carter, and Jordan Ebert stepped in one at a time to settle the score. For the championship round, each player swung metal and was given 15 outs. Rahier, Weeks, and Sullivan took their cuts first and each of them hit only a single homer. This set the stage for Kyle Carter’s dramatics, when he proceeded to launch seven homers including three-in-a-row. They all went to right field, several of which were majestically towering fly balls.

Jordan Ebert was the final hitter after Carter and he hit one homer to finish in a four-way tie for second place in the final round.

Kyle Carter not only won the derby but was also given the Babe Ruth “Colossus of Clout” Awardfor the longest home run (487 feet) as well as the award for Most Home Runs Overall (14) over the two rounds.

Tanner Rahier won the “Spirit of Babe Ruth Award”.

The IMG Award for The Top Underclassman went to Ryan Sullivan for his total of 8 homers as a junior. He also received the Chandler Wood Bat Award for most homers swinging wood (4). Clint Coulter, an

Arizona State-bound senior catcher from Union HS in Washington, was awarded via tiebreaker for Most Consecutive Homers with Wood (2). Corbin Weeks received the Most Consecutive Home Runs Award

(4) with aluminum while Tanner Rahier got the honors (via tiebreaker) for hitting the Most Homers in aRound by slugging 11 in the preliminaries on Tuesday.

Finally, sophomore Justin Bellinger was given the Colossus of Clout Award as the underclassman with the farthest home run (477 feet).

Daniel Vogelbach – 5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby WORLD CHAMPION

Florida – Daniel Vogelbach

5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE International High School Home Run Derby FLORIDA REPRESENTATIVE


Longest Distance – 421 Ft.
18 Home Runs (MB)
Consecutive – 5
Longest Distance – 508 Ft.
Total Preliminary Round – 19 Home Runs CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND
11 Home Runs
Consecutive – 5
Longest Distance – 508 Ft.
Total Championship Round – 11 Home RunsOverall Home Runs – 30

Watch Daniel’s 5th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Hitting Highlights

Watch Daniel’s 508′ Bomb !


  • Most Home Runs in a Round – 19
  • Most Home Runs Overall – 30
  • Most Consecutive Home Runs – 5 (done Three different times)
  • Babe Ruth Award -Longest HR – 508 Ft. (International Power Showcase Record)
Primary Pos
: 1B
Secondary Pos
: LF
: 6’0
: 250
Bat Hand
: Left
Throw Hand
: Right
Batting Avg: .551
Arm Strength (MPH): 76

Home Run Hits
: 12
Run Time 60:
7.3 High School Coach: Tom LoSauro
239-274-6756 Summer League Coach: Jerod Goodwin
Ft. Myers, FL Grade: 12
: 2011
: 2.7
College Commitment
: Hometown: Ft. Myers, FLDOB: 12/17/1992

Parent: Dan & Jennie Vogelbach
3816 Hidden Acres Circle South
North Fort Myers, FL 33903
H: 239-997-4462
C: 239-634-4004
W: 239-573-1518 (Dan)



  • 4th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby Florida Representative
  • 3rd Team All Area
  • 2009 3rd Team All District
  • High School All American
  • Team MVP
  • Southwest Florida Player of the Year


  • 2nd District Championship


  • U of Miami
Preliminary Round

2 Home Runs (WB)
Longest Distance – 433 Ft.
2 Home Runs (MB)
Consecutive – 2
Longest Distance – 433 Ft.
Total Preliminary Round – 4
Home Runs Overall Home Runs – 4
Watch Daniel Vogelbach’s 4th Annual Power Showcase Hitting Highlights