Ty Adams Narrowly Wins 14U Championship

It wasn’t much, but it was enough, and that was all that mattered.

Ohio’s Ty Adams claimed the 14U Title in the 13th annual POWER SHOWCASE, held at Miami Marlins Park on Sunday. Although he had just three home runs in the finale, that was just enough for Adams to hold off Pennsylvania’s Drew Ripepi and Texas’ Austin Rogers.

“I feel great. This feels really good. This is the first time I have ever competed in something like this and I won it. Words cannot explain how happy I am right now,” Adams said. “Winning this at a Major League stadium in the POWER SHOWCASE is huge.”

Adams took an unlikely path to the title. He advanced to the finals after hitting the longest home run of the 14U Group, a 408-foot blast to left field. He compiled six home runs in all, and he later also added to his big showcase by earning the MVP honors in the game on Monday.

Adams led off the championship round, connecting for his first home run with five outs. He struggled from there and soon found himself down to his final two outs, but he reached within and found a little extra juice. Adams connected for his second blast and then immediately followed that with his third, a 355-foot shot to left.

“After those first outs, I had to take a break because I didn’t even have a home run,” Adams said. “Then after I hit the first one, I felt like I was getting in a groove there. Then I hit the two consecutive and I thought I was doing pretty good. But I just didn’t find the barrel on the last few swings.”

From there Adams had to watch and hope that he had done enough.

Ripepi advanced to the finals thanks to a tie-breaker over Nevada’s Kevin Sanchez. Both players closed the Preliminary Round with five jacks, but Ripepi earned the berth after hitting three in-a-row during his turn. But he was unable to replicate that same magic again, managing just a 362-foot shot with his turn.

Rogers was the group leader after hitting seven jacks in the Prelims. It took a few tries to get going, but then Rogers got himself on the board on his fifth out. Several strong swings followed, but the result was not enough to get anything out of the yard. Down to his final three outs, Rogers connected again to inch within one homer of tying for the lead. But his final three swings could not produce that final crucial blast, and Adams watched in excitement as the title became his in a moment he will remember forever.

“It was amazing,” Adams admitted. “Words cannot describe how good it felt. My Mom, Dad, Cousin and Aunt were all here and it felt good to have them here with me. This was amazing and just breath-taking. Being in a Major League stadium and being able to do this is unreal.”

The finalists also took home all of the individual awards. Ripepi’s feat stood as the Most Consecutive home runs, while Adams’ Wild Card shot of 408 feet stood up as the Longest Distance of the entire field of 14U participants. Rogers had the Most Overall home runs with nine, to go along with the Most Prelim home runs.


By: Rick Duteau

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