Featured & 13U Swing-Offs Highlight Day One Preliminaries

Dylan Fesperman had never hit a walk-off home run in his baseball career, before Friday.

Down to his last chances in a three-player swing-off in the Featured Group, the Arizona high school senior delivered exactly what he needed to advance to Sunday’s POWER SHOWCASE Finals. With just three outs to use, Fesperman found himself swinging last after also going last in the entire group. Just as he had then, he came through in dramatic fashion.

Needing a home run to stay alive after Louis Zayas delivered a 371-foot shot, Fesperman connected for a 376-foot blast to the left field seats with two outs. He then followed that up with a liner that skipped off the top of the left field fence for a 349-foot shot that sent him to the championship round.

“I saw it hooking and I didn’t think it was going to go over, and then it hit the top of the wall and went over, and it was awesome,” Fesperman said. “I was down to two outs and I didn’t have one, so I said to relax, have fun and you are here for a reason. I did it, and after I hit my first one I felt really relaxed and I knew I just had to get a big swing on this one, and if not I am still in the swing-off.”

Fesperman will swing for his chance at the title of World Champion along with Colorado’s Caden Wagner, Texas’ Luke Stine and Florida’s Louis Zayas. Wagner led the group with seven home runs.

Hitting last out of the 31 participants of the Featured Group was used as an advantage. Fesperman got going late in his round, connecting for his fourth home run with just two outs left to force the swing-off with Zayas and New York’s Alex Russo. He then used the fact that he went last in the swing-off to perfection as well.

“Honestly, I liked going last,” Fesperman admitted. “I was getting a bit tight, so I had to keep myself loose, but I liked going last because I knew what I had to do. I went out there and did it and had fun. I found that I was just getting under the ball a lot so I just focused on getting on top of the ball.”

Winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour in Miami Marlins Park could not keep down the POWER SHOWCASE hitters. The event kicked off with the 13U derby, followed by the College Select Group. The Underclassmen Group also got started after the Featured Group, and will be completed Saturday afternoon at three P.M.

Written by: Rick Duteau

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