New Jersey – Lillo Paxia





5’9 / 200

RHP / 1B / 3B


AGE: 13




My name is Tony Danella.  I am the 13-15u coordinator at Diamond Nation in Flemington, New Jersey.  I have had the pleasure of coaching Lillo Paxia over the last few seasons.  Lillo is a very talented baseball player.  He has played in our program for a few years now and has had success at every age he has played.  He has tremendous power and can hit the ball to all fields.  When hitting, I have not seen a player at his age with as much power as Lillo has.   He also has dominated pitching on every level he has played with us.  Making the jump from 50/70 to 60/90 did not effect Lillo to much.  His first outing on the 60/90 field was very good, and he has only gotten better since.  Lillo has a great work ethic and will be a great asset to any team he plays with.



Showcase State: NJ

Primary Pos: RHP 

Secondary Pos: 1B/3B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

Arm Velocity (MPH): 78

BTA: .370

Home Runs Hit (Spring): 4



Grade:  7

Eastampton Community School

Eastampton, NJ

T.T. Coach: Tony Danelli

Danelli’s Diamond Jacks 14


  • Diamond Nation 3 Tournament Championships
  • 14U USA Baseball Nominee



20 HRs

3 Consecutive

Longest Distance: 419′


Longest Distance Home Run – 419′


Lillo Paxia’s father had never cried in front of him before. But after the proud father watched his young son put on a show in the preliminary round at the POWER SHOWCASE Future Stars home run derby, he embraced the slugger and he was overcome with emotion.The 13-year old Paxia was one of four Friday contestants that advanced to Saturday’s championship. The seventh-grader from New Jersey belted 20 longballs to place third in the opening round, as well as crushing a 419-foot blast that drilled the dolphin sculpture in center field at Marlins Park. The hit brought the sculpture to life to delight the crowd, breaking a light fixture that Paxia was later given as a souvenir.But he already had the greatest souvenir of all.

“My father never cried in front of me before and it means the world to me,” Paxia said about sharing a special embrace with his father following his feats. “One of my favorite players is Giancarlo Stanton, and I felt like him for a moment there. Hitting where the pros stand, it means a lot to me. All the hard work we put in to get here, it felt great. There is nothing that can beat that.”

nj lilo paxiz Lillo has partnered with Savanna Galasso for Home Runs that Help
Savanna was born a healthy, full-term baby and never had any medical concerns throughout her young life.  In July 2011 at the young age of 7, a simple visit to her pediatrician with concerns of swelling in her legs and belly turned into an emergency visit to CHOP with immediate concerns about her kidney function.  Within days of admittance to CHOP, she was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (a.k.a. Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis or “FSGS”).  FSGS is an idiopathic disease where sections of Savanna’s kidney filters are severely damaged and scarred.  These scarred and damaged kidney filters cannot rebuild or be repaired once damaged– hence the reason for a need for a kidney transplant.When she began this journey 2+ years ago, she had over a 60% kidney function rate and her prognosis was that she would need a kidney transplant within 5-8 years, but earlier this summer, that prognosis was bumped up to needing a kidney within 6-12 months due to the progressiveness of the disease, which has resulted in renal failure = Stage 5 Kidney Disease.Since her diagnosis, she has suffered from an array of additional medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a weakened immune system, has had to maintain a strict low sodium & phosphate diet, and has been tested, treated, closely monitored, and under the care of a specialized team of doctors at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia).  She is required to have dialysis 3x a week (since July 2013), must routinely follow-up with her team of doctors ever 4-6 weeks, experiences random hospital stays, and is currently awaiting a kidney transplant.Savanna’s medical condition, her need to see multiple specialists, and her need for dialysis has resulted in many demands on Savanna, her mother, and her family.  A few of these hardships include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  random hospital stays,
  • ongoing medical bills that need to be paid,
  • the cost of several medications that Savanna must take due to her condition,
  •  Savanna and her parents making a 90-mile round trip to CHOP at least 3x a week, additional monies being needed for fuel for those visits, each visit for dialysis encompassing approximately 6-8 hrs. worth of time,

Savanna has missed quite a bit of school due to doctor’s appts & dialysis and even more time once she receives the transplant
Dana (Savanna’s mother) has had to put her youngest daughter into full-day daycare at least 3x a week and Savanna’s young school-age sister now needs to attend the after-school program to ensure she is cared for until Dana and Savanna return from their Dialysis appointments, and mental / physical / financial strains and demands on everyone.

Dana has been out of work since July, to take care of Savanna, take her to appointments, etc.  Dana has already exhausted her FMLA allotment during her absence, which could potentially jeopardize her job.  Financially, Dana currently lives paycheck to paycheck as she needs to care for and support herself and her 3 daughters, pay rent to maintain their home, buy food, buy clothing, etc.

At this time, Savanna is one of over 120,000 individuals in the U.S. who are awaiting a donor organ of some kind.  She is a now an active candidate on the National Waiting List to receive a kidney.  Savanna’s mom and family members have undergone a series of tests to be her donor, but no “matches” have been found yet. Even though Savanna will eventually obtain a healthy kidney from another individual, with having this disease and having a kidney transplant so young, Savanna does run a high risk of relapse, and the need for another kidney transplant in time.  Savanna and her family remain hopeful that she will receive a kidney soon and once the transplant is complete, she will be able to return to a more normal life without all of the restrictions and demands this disease has put on her life at a very young age.

Thank you all for your concern, support, & generosity.  It is much needed and greatly appreciated!