Louisiana – Matthew Fontenot








1 HRs

Longest Distance: 412′



6’0 / 185

C / OF


Date of Birth: 10/12/1995


Playing in:



Matt, is one of the harder working guys on the team.  He strives to be a great team player and leader of the Nola Monsters(Signature and National Top Rated Team-Perfect Game).He has been with Nola Baseball, for over 6 years. Matt, have a great work ethic and embodies, the Club’s Mission Statement. “He will be a great leader in the community,father and husband”Once his playing career is over.  His Family is very supportive and always willing to assist with any team functions.  He will represent Louisiana and, THE POWERSHOWCASE with professionalism and character.He will lead a proud High School Program at Hahnville High(Coached by David Baudry a long time outstanding Prep Baseball Coach)Matt, is our starting Catcher and with a POP Time of 1.94 solid backside hitter and endurance. He has D1 attention from Nicholls ST, Jackson ST, Bishop ST CC.I look forward to his participation in Miami, and know he will represent the Nola Family Well.Todd Buster Head Coach, Nola Monsters Baseball
Matthew Fontenot is a senior at Hahnville High School and has been a member of the Baseball program for 4 years where he excels both on and off the field.  In the classroom, Matt is a conscientious student who challenges himself to the highest levels of achievement.  On the field, Matt is a tireless worker who inspires his teammates to meet the demands of our program, and, as a senior, he has already assumed a role of leadership in our program.   Off the field, Matt is always available and willing to help others.   His compassionate and servant heart is exhibited in many service opportunities in our baseball program, as well as in the community.  He especially serves in the capacity as a mentor and coach to young baseball players both in our baseball camps at HHS and in the community.  His patience, leadership abilities, and enthusiasm make him a favorite among the younger players in our community.  He upholds the values of integrity, honesty, and diligence in everything he pursues enabling him to represent his community, school, the baseball program, and his family to the best of his abilities. Matthew is an excellent example of what a young man should be both to his peers and younger generations.    –   David A Baudry / Head Baseball Coach Hahnville High School

Showcase State: LA

Primary Pos: 

Secondary Pos: OF

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

Arm Velocity (MPH): 86

BTA: .483

Home Runs Hit (Season): 2

Run time (60) : 7.5

Catcher Pop time: 1.94

  • District Champions 2013/2012/2011

Class of 2014

Hahnville High School 

Luling LA

H.S. Coach: David Baudry




S.L. Coach: Todd Buster







Stacie Fontenot

232 Beaupre Drive

Luling LA 70068

Staci: sfonten@gmail.com




LA MATT FONTENOT Matthew has partnered with Benjamin Sirmon for Home Runs that Help
Benjamin Sirmon was born twenty months ago, it was obvious early on that something was wrong. “He didn’t move for the first three months, didn’t blink. We barely got a smile,” his mother, Hillary, said. Benjamin, who lives in Luling, Louisiana, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called centronuclear myopathy that prevents his muscles from developing normally and results in extreme weakness. However, it allows for normal brain development. Despite a diagnosis that puts Benjamin’s life expectancy at less than 10 years, and his continued reliance on a ventilator to breathe, he has been getting better. Although Benjamin will suffer from the condition for the rest of his life, his Mom and family’s goal is to help him have a happy childhood. Their focus is on Benjamin’s happiness and being able to communicate. Benjamin has learned to sign and even thanked Matthew by signing to him in appreciation for Matthew’s support of his cause. Part of the goal to ensure Benjamin’s happiness is allowing him to be able to play with other children. When Benjamin visits local parks with sisters Lennon, 5, and Isla, 3, he cannot play with them because the playgrounds in the area are not accessible to children with disabilities. Benjamin’s Mom, Hillary and his family want to change that by constructing a “Miracles to Milestones” playground at a local park. “This playground will not only be great for kids with different abilities, but also for the rest of the community to learn from these amazing kiddos,” Hillary said. “There will be new connections, new friendships, and lessons of patience and love. We were not blessed with Benjamin to ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ him.  We were blessed with him to help build a connection among all children and families in our community.” The design for the playground will incorporate wheelchair ramps into an otherwise ordinary playground. With the ramps, children with disabilities will be able to interact with kids who do not have disabilities.  She said that by designing the playground to be accessible for all children, she hopes a deeper understanding of disabilities will be formed. Benjamin’s Mom began her quest last fall and in addition to the local community Matthew hopes to help Benjamin’s Mom, Hillary, raise the funds to build this awesome playground.
Luling baseball player helps raise money for inclusive playground: Luling Town TalkAt a homerun derby, Matthew Fontenot of Lulingraised $1,200 for Miracles to Milestones, a campaign to build an inclusive playground in Destrehan. With him are Hillary Sirmon, from left, who began Miracles to Milestones, Benjamin Sirmon and KC Sirmon. ( )By Anita Hymel, Contributing writer on January 13, 2014 at 7:57 AM, updated January 13, 2014 at 8:03 AMatt Fontenot of Luling recently showcased his outstanding baseball skills, and at the same time, raised money for a major community project. Fontenot, a senior at Hahnville High School and catcher for the HHS baseball team as well as member of NOLA Baseball, recently placed second in the High School Power Showcase Home Run Derby sponsored by NOLA Baseball in Mandeville. For his outstanding performance, he advanced to the eighth annual International Power Showcase in Miami.During the derby in Miami, Fontenot’s charitable project was Miracles To Milestones. He raised more than $1,200 for the Miracles To Milestones campaign, which was started by Hillary Sirmon of Luling. Sirmon is on a mission to build a playground in St. Charles Parish where children of all abilities have the opportunity to play together, make friends, and encourage acceptance and understanding in a fun environment.

St. Charles Parish approved the building of the park. Sirmon now needs to raise money for the playground equipment. The parish donated ground at the East Bank Bridge Park in Destrehan, and agreed to pay for the foundation. Sirmon has to raise $200,000 for the equipment.

Sirmon’s young son, Benjamin, was born with a rare genetic condition that confines him to a wheelchair. She would like Benjamin to be able to enjoy playing with his siblings on a playground in which every person could play.

To help with the project contact miraclestomilestones@yahoo.com or call 504.710.6620.

After the derby Fontenot, the son of Stacie and Mark Fontenot, donated the money and a home run baseball to Hillary and KC Sirmon and Benjamin.

Fontenot said, “I had an experience of a lifetime and the opportunity to meet some amazing people including, the granddaughter of Babe Ruth and many amazing people who share my passion for baseball.”

However, Fontenot said, his greatest joy was being able to participate in an activity he loves while helping a great cause.