During the preliminary round each participant will receive 15 outs with the bat of their choice.

The field dimension will be 300ft-300ft-300ft.

The pitching machine will be set at a velocity of 62/65 mph from a distance of 55 feet.

The top two  finalists will advance to the Championship Round.

*WILDCARD – If a Player hits the furthest Home Run and does not finish in the top two, then he will also advance to the finals.

BAT ORDER HRDerby Firstname LAST NAME State Bats
1 13U Davis Johnson RI L
2 13U Blake Mitchell TX L
3 13U Derek Hernandez TX L
4 13U Nickolas Monistere MS R
5 13U Dylan Reinhardt FL R
6 13U Charles Duffield TX R
7 13U Aidan Paradine NJ R
8 13U Sean Collins NY R
9 13U Demitri Diamant NV R
10 13U Derrick Mitchell AZ S
11 13U Gavin Turley UT R
12 13U Maddox Hutchins TX R