Ed “GoGo” Lovelace – All-American Classic – WEST

Ed “GoGo” Lovelace –All-American Classic – WEST


Founder of Phewsioneering! Ed “GoGo” Lovelace has changed and enhanced the
Collegiate/ Professional performances of every athlete that he has touched. He has a
gift for speed and can translate that into any athlete in any sport. Phewsioneering
makes faster leg speed, arm speed, and Bat speed! He is known to make you FLY!
GoGo has a 100% success rate to date, with some of his clients being: Anaheim Angels
“Pitcher of the year 2009” / USA strike out world record holder Trevor Reckling, Wake
Forest University, Amherst University, MLB-Urban Youth Academy, Dan Merklinger, Milwaukee
Brewers, The Dominican Prospect League, Fernelys Sanchez (6.23 60 yards), Ty
Washington, Cincinatti Reds, and of course the Power ShowCase.
GoGoEd created an Operating System that works as a lifestyle that captures the essence
of speed on and off the field. GoGo has developed a brand that has become a
universal platform form that harnesses World Class speed and success!
GoGo and the Phewsioneering operating system is the speed system being applied for
the 60 yard portion of the Power Showcase and will be enhancing the speed of the
talented athletes that perform in the 2014 Power Show-Case.
Many ask what do you call this speed thing. GoGo Ed Lovelace coined the phrase for
you all to know its……“Phewsioneering Y’all!!”