During the preliminary round each participant will receive a total of 20 outs = 5 with wood & 15 with metal.
(open bat format – BESR Bats Allowed)
The pitching machine will be set at a velocity of 62/65 mph from a distance of 54 feet.
The top three finalists will advance to the Championship Round.
*WILDCARD – If a Player hits the furthest Home Run and does not finish in the top two, then he will also advance to the finals.

1 DOM Mondesi Underclass
2 FL Vientos Underclass
3 VEN Nunez Underclass
4 NY Mateo Underclass
5 MN Ramsy Underclass
6 FL Marrero Underclass
7 MO Pannier Underclass
8 TX Watson Underclass
9 FL Palmer Underclass
10 FL Cruz-Leon Underclass
11 GA Hinchman Underclass
12 FL James Underclass
13 FL Latchmansingh Underclass
14 FL Lopez Underclass
15 FL Ramos Underclass
16 fl Liza Underclass
17 FL Farmer Underclass
18 NY Holmes Underclass
19 FL McDaniel Underclass
20 CT Dziczkowski Underclass
21 FL Virden Underclass
22 NC McMullen Underclass
23 FL Smith Underclass
24 FL Sangster Underclass