North Carolina BATBOY


Tate Aycock

AGE: 10




Tate Aycock is the world’s greatest batboy. If you do not believe, just ask him. If that’s not enough, then ask any of our players or their parents. Everyone loves Tate!

Tate is a 10 year old 4th grader at Jesse Wharton Elementary. Tate plays baseball and is a true student of the game. He is a math whiz and won his grade’s reading comprehension award and math awards, which means things just stick with Tate. He can tell you all kinds of stats.

Tate’s greatest contributions regarding our Evoshield Canes team are his pre-game speeches. He is truly the world’s greatest 10 year old motivational speaker. He does not lack for confidence and his personality fills a room.

When Tate is unable to travel with his brother’s Evoshield Canes team, his mother, Lori, will send the team videos of Tate’s pre-game speeches. Players, coaches, parents, you name it, everyone, is inspired. It’s amazing that total strangers stop and listen when Tate is pumping up “his” team.

Tate is an absolute whiz at chess. He has played chess all over the country against people of all ages and from all over the world in world championships. If we go to New York, Tate has to find games in Central Park or Greenwich Village against the best or go to Times Square to play against the hustlers. He dares anyone to play him in chess during this event! He will have his travel board ready just in case there are any challengers.

Tate also loves playing tennis and basketball.

Most kids who play baseball dream of playing in the major leagues. Tate loves to play baseball and works really hard at it, but he probably dreams of being a major league general manager or owning a team. No one would be surprised if Tate invents an app – at a very early age – that makes him enough money to buy a team. That’s Tate.


Tate has partnered with Emily Peters for Home Runs that Help

My cousin, Emily Peters, pictured to the left in the Carolina shirt, has Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a life-threatening, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and progressively limits the ability to breathe. Emily was born with CF and has struggled with it every day of her life.

Emily is a sweet, smart young lady. She is a great cousin!

I have spent most of my life on ball fields doing what I love. Emily has spent most of her life in hospitals. My worst days are her best days.

On her best days she gets very long, special treatments, is sick, has trouble breathing, and takes tons of medicine.  You don’t want to know what her worst days are like. She is really smart, but misses a lot of school because she is in the hospital at UNC-Chapel Hill all the time.

No matter how sick she is or where I see her, she always has the biggest smile – just like in the picture. She is so happy to be alive!

It does not seem fair that Emily was born with this condition because she is so normal. She is so nice. She cares more about everyone else than she does about herself.  I do not understand why she cannot do things like everyone else and why she is always sick.

There is not yet a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, which is why I want help raise money for this – plus I love my cousin and I am so proud of her! She’s the strongest person I know.

I love you Emily!

We’re gonna beat this!


 Trey & Lori Aycock