Pennsylvania Representative


EJ Segarra


5’3 / 120

AGE: 12



EJ Segarra is an outstanding third baseman. He makes consistent contact and drove in RBIs 33% of the time at the plate. His baseball IQ is outstanding and was a polite young man eager to learn and improve his skills. It was a pleasure to coach him.

Ryan Weaver ~ Majestic Coastal Blue 12U Vero Beach Baseball Youth All-American 2015

The sky is the limit for EJ. He has tremendous power at the plate and is a vacuum cleaner on the infield. EJ’s baseball instincts are well above his age group. Always a leader among his teammates, he is like having an extra coach out on the field.”

Coach Scott McWilliams
DV Warriors Travel Baseball Club


  • 2012 Selected as starter for (10U) Cal Ripken All-Star Team
  • 2013 Selected as starter for (11U) Cal Ripken All-Star Team
  • 2014 Awarded RBI Leader for (11U) DV Warriors Travel Club (Fall Season)
  • 2014 Was a member of HR Club for (11U) DV Warriors Travel Club (Fall Season)
  • 2015 Selected to as an elite player for the (12U) Coastal Blue Baseball Youth Winter Tournament in Vero Beach, FL
  • 2015 Won Delaware Valley Home Run Derby
  • 2015 Awarded Golden Glove (12U) DV Warriors Travel Club (Spring Season)
  • 2015 Awarded Co-MVP (12U) DV Warriors Travel Club (Spring Season)
  • 2015 Played at Cooperstown Baseball World (12U) National Tournament as Starting Short Stop and Pitcher

Showcase State: PA

Primary Pos: 3B/1B/OF/P

Secondary Pos: SS

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

BTA: .399

HRs Hit SEASON: 11

Arm Velocity (MPH): 60

Run Time 60: x


Grade:  7

Dingman Delaware Middle School
Milford PA

GPA: 3.91

Graduation: 2021



Summer/Travel League Coach: Scott McWilliams




EJ has partnered with Maddie for Home Runs that Help.


He has raised almost $13,000 on his Go Fund and $1,275 in straight cash donation. 


This is Madelyn, but she likes being called Maddie … she’s 7 years old, and in February of 2013, she was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis.  In July of 2012, Maddie started showing symptoms of this disease … an unusual rash covering her face and hands, but since it was so rare, doctors had a hard time diagnosing it.  Besides the rashes, Maddie would have random fevers and extreme tiredness.  Attending school and social functions was now a challenge, and a lot of the times, just not an option for her.  

To give you a brief description of this disease, this has been taken from the ‘’ site …

‘Juvenile Myositis (JM), including Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) is a group of rare and life-threatening autoimmune diseases, in which the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and tissues.  Weak muscles and skin rash are the primary symptoms of JDM.  Even within these designations, JM affects every child differently. Some children experience a mild form of the disease, while others follow a more severe and potentially more debilitating course. Some of the more onerous secondary symptoms are calcinosis, digestive (GI) tract complications, vasculitic ulcers and contractures.’

Maddie goes twice a week to physical therapy to build up her muscle strength, and has been on a myriad of medications since her diagnosis.  Her medications include weekly methotrexate (chemo) injections, steroids, as well as, 4 other medications she takes daily.  Besides having to endure the symptoms of this debilitating disease, she has to also deal with all the side effects of the medications she is taking. 

Imagine every time you walk into a doctor’s office, you know you have to give blood … that’s a scary thing … now imagine it for this little 7 year old, who only weighs 47 lbs … every doctor’s appointment for her means another 10 vials of blood out of her body.  Every three months now, Maddie and her family travel to Chicago for additional testing with a specialist.  They need 20 viles, in addition to all their required tests.  Maddie has experienced more in the way of testing than a normal person may experience in a lifetime … she has gone through MRI’s, Echocardiograms, bone scans, swallowing tests, and an endoscopy just to name a few.

Maddie is a little girl … she wants to get strong and healthy so she can play outside with her little sister, Gracie.  She wants to do all the things any other 7 year old would do!   With her disease and all the medication she’s on, the sun isn’t her friend now, and doing all the things she loves to do like going to the beach, riding her bike, and being outside in the fresh air, can only be able to be done in the evening. 

Through all of this, Maddie faces each day with a smile, and a fighter’s attitude.  She believes that one day she IS going to be better.  We all pray that a cure is found soon.

Frank & Maggie Segarra
973-769-3490 / 570-686-9121 /