Ohio Representative



Andrew Imthurn


5’9/ 145

AGE: 13





3 HRs
2 Consecutive
LD 370′



 I have been fortunate to get to know Andrew over the last 2 years as his travel team baseball coach. Andrew is not only a leader on the field but off it as well. He is a talented athlete but he is also an incredible leader for such a young age.

Many times during the course of our season if we had an injury at a particular position that maybe isn’t as high of a profile position as others, I would ask for a volunteer to play that position to get us through the rest of the game. Without question it was Andrew who would volunteer for the job. He would put his ego aside for the betterment of the team. It truly showed some of the lesser players on the team what it means to be a leader.

One thing that really has stood for about Andrew is the respect that he has for his parents. While a lot of kids his age give push back to their parents, I’ve never witnessed Andrew be any but grateful to them. In turn I believe this is why he treated the coaches and his teammates with incredible respect and compassion.

There are plenty of times during a baseball season when things don’t go the way you planned. Andrew is extremely tough on himself when he doesn’t feel things are going as good as they should but I never ever saw or heard him put down his teammates. This is not normal for someone his age. He is the ultimate team player.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to have been a small part of Andrew’s life and I’m sure there are a lot of other people who feel the same way I do.

I believe Andrew is going to do great things on and off the field. It is an honor for me to be able to call him my friend.

Bud Wells


Showcase State: OH

Primary Pos: RHP

Secondary Pos: 3B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right


HRs Hit SEASON: 30

Arm Velocity (MPH): 68

Run Time 60: X

 Andrew Imthurn or the “Big A” as I call him is an exceptional athlete and young man.  I have known Andrew for several years and I have had the distinct privilege to coach him in multiple sports.  Andrew loves to compete and he loves to win even more.  He is a very coachable young man and he thrives in challenging situations.   He has a tremendous amount of respect for his parents, Bruce and Cindy and lead by example in every sport he plays.  As for baseball, this sport is his favorite and one that is a blast to watch him play.  I have witnessed “Monster” home runs multiple times and on several occasions in the same game.  Lucky for me….. he is on my team.    Pitching and watching the “Big A” take batting practice is a favorite past time for me.   The baseball shoots off from his bat like rockets blasting into the big sky.  Wow!!!!  I am certain as Andrew goes through life he will be a huge success because he is great young man with attributes such as dedication, passion, integrity, respect, competitiveness and willingness to learn.  These attributes in life will take him a long long way and my guess is he will one day resurrect the Big Red Machine in Cincinnati, Ohio.  And I will be there to watch and one of his best fans.
Coach Steve Grube

Grade:  7

Tinora Junior High School
Defiance OH

Graduation: 2021

GPA: 3.5





School Coach:  Steve Grube

T.L. Coach:  Bud Wells

North West Ohio Big Dogs 2015 season:

  • 30 wins, 4 championships and runner up in 3 national baseball tournaments
  • 1 BPA championship and runner up in a Game Day USA tournament
  • Ripken Experience (Aberdeen Maryland)
  • 2015 Cooperstown Dream Park Tournament- (NY)
  • 2015 Baseball Youth All American Summer Games Champion (Westfield IN)
  • Two time 2015 Game Day USA MVP (Michigan)
  • 2015 Baseball Youth All American Summer Games Home Run Derby Champion (Westfield IN)
  • 2015 Baseball Youth All Star Challenge (Long Island NY)
  • 2015 Baseball Youth Future Games (Newberry FL)
  • 2014 Won Home Run Derby at Great Lakes Nations World Series (Findlay OH)
  • 2014 Won Cadet Invitational Home Run Derby (West Unity OH)
  • 2014 Baseball Youth All American Winter Games (Vero Beach FL)
  • 2013 Won Super Star Award at Defiance Baseball Camp (Defiance OH)
  • 2013 Won pitching speed skill competition at Defiance College Day Out With The MLB Pros (Defiance OH)


  • Extra Innings Competitive Fall League 2014 champs
  • Perrysburg Select Classic 2014 champs
  • Tri State Challenge 2014 champs
  • BPA Blast Battle Creek MI 2014 champs
  • Nations Findlay Blast 2014 champs
  • Third place at BPA World Series KY
  • Wolves Border Battle 2014 champs

Andrew has partnered with Tyler Giesige for Home Runs that Help

Tyler is a Tinora High School student/athlete who was diagnosed with cancer.  Andrew will be raising money to support a cancer charity in honor of Tyler.

As the Tinora Rams were performing their pregame warm-up for the Division IV State Championship baseball game, some of the players felt under the weather.  One of those players was Tyler, who had a fever and was throwing up in right-field.  My wife and I thought Tyler just picked up some kind of flu virus. 

The summer continued with Tyler playing summer ACME baseball.  Tyler would become winded just running to first base on an infield grounder.  He also became exhausted after pitching a couple of innings. 

When Tyler was not playing baseball, he was partaking in summer conditioning for football.  I noticed Tyler was the last player to finish the mile run.  Numerous times he had to stop in the middle of the run to stretch.  Tyler said his calves were always tight, and his legs hurt.  My wife and I would give him ice baths for his legs.

Eventually, Tyler started to have jaw pain and constant headaches.  Wisdom teeth and dehydration were discussed at length with Tyler.

With the leg pain and constant headaches, we obtained a doctor’s appointment for Tyler on July 28, 2014.  The doctor said Tyler seemed fine physically except for his heartbeat.  The heartbeat for a normal 15 year old athlete was around 70 beats per minute.  Tyler’s heartbeat was 100 beats per minute.  The doctor then ordered blood work to be taken.  The blood test showed the possibility of an infection, aplastic anemia, or acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  A bone marrow biopsy confirmed Tyler had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Tyler’s protocol to defeat the leukemia is as follows: 

One year of weekly chemotherapy treatments with blood transfusions as needed. 

Two additional years of monthly chemotherapy treatments. 

Tyler’s ending date for treatments is November 11, 2017.


Bruce & Cynthia Imthurn
Defiance OH

Bruce: 419-769-0226
Cynthia: 419769-2520