New Jersey Representative


Justin Jimenez

5’0 / 119


AGE: 13





I have had the great opportunity to coach Justin Jimenez with the Evoshield Canes as well as at a Baseball Youth National Event. Every baseball coach wants that one kid who will be a leader and help keep his team at the top of their game. Justin is that player! Justin is an amazing communicator among his teammates and brings out the best in the ones around him.

Though Justin is a great catcher and makes his pitchers look good, Justin has the unique ability to play nine different positions and play them well. If it means helping his team Justin is the teammate who will gladly play any position with passion and do it well.

The Heart and Hustle Awards was created by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association in 2005, and is voted on by Alumni and active Major League players and is presented annually to an active MLB player who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit and traditions of the game. This award cleary illustrates how Justin Jimenez plays the game!!

Coach Pete Acosta /Head Coach – Phoenix Elite 14u (NC)

Asst. Coach – Evoshield Canes National (13u)


Showcase State: NJ

Primary Pos: C

Secondary Pos: 2B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

BTA: .475


Arm Velocity (MPH): 56

Catcher Pop Time: 2.52

Run Time 60: 8.0


Grade:  8

Fernwood Middle School
Egg Harbor Township, NJ


School Coach:Trey Aycock




  • 2015 Triple Crown Fall Nationals Championship Runner-Up – St. Augustine, FL



Summer League Coach: Juan Jimenez


Travel League Coach: Juan Jimenez




  • 2015 All-Star

  • 2015 Baseball Youth All-American

  • 2015 Baseball Youth Futures Player

  • 2015 PA Phillies Regional HR Derby Winner

  • 2015 Team USA 13Uu

  • Best OBP .610

  • Best Defensive Catcher Award

  • Top 3 highest Batting Average

  • Top 3 Hits

  • Most Stolen Bases – x

  • Most Runs Scored – x


Juan & Melissa Jimenez


Justin has partnered with Angel Rodriguez  for Home Runs that Help

On Thursday August 28th, 2014 my son Angel (6 yrs. old) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Pre-B Cell (Cancer in the Blood). Angel received his first Spinal Tap with Chemo therapy that Friday, the results of the Spinal Tap showed that Angel had one “blast” (cancer cells) in his spinal column. He spent elven days in CHOP where he also had a PICC line put in until he was discharged September 8th, 2014. He also had Bone Marrow removed from his hip to test his DNA to see his risk with the Leukemia which resulted that Angel is at High Risk to have Leukemia. With the DNA results coming out High Risk his treatment is super aggressive.  Throughout all this he has held up STRONG during this life changing experience as this is the only choice we need to have to fight this battle. October 2014, Angel underwent another procedure to insert his Chest Port to receive his chemo therapy for the next three and half years.

Since Angel’s diagnosis I have been completely honest and truthful with what Leukemia is and what it can do, I explained it to him in a way that he understands and keep him positive. At such a young age Angel has had no choice but to grow and appreciate life to its fullest.

With Angel’s treatment he undergoes many Blood Transfusions (platelets and blood) in which he has an allergic reaction to platelets; therefore he needs to be given Benadryl via port to stop the allergic reaction every time he gets platelets transfusion. Angel receives chemo therapy nonstop weekly unless his ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count), Hemoglobin and Platelets are not high enough to receive IV chemo. At home Angel also gets Chemo pills by mouth, steroid pills, Bactrim pills, Nausea pills, acid reflux pills, Chemo Injections, and even antibiotics when Angel suddenly starts a fever or when doctor give the orders.

At this time Angel is being home schooled by the Mullica Twp. School District. He has an amazing First Grade Teacher Ms.Coligan, who has been amazing and supportive when it comes down to understanding when Angel has a good or is having a bad day. I am super thankful to have the Mullica Twp School District be a part of understanding what we are going through with Angel.

 In the month of December 2014 Angel was scheduled to receive a total of four-24hrs High Dose IV Methotrexate with alternating weeks. Each week that Angel received this high dose Chemo, he spent at least one full week inpatient until his body got rid of the High Dose Methotrexate which could have been deadly if he went home with any in his system. By this time Angel has received a lot of chemo in his body that he did not get to finish his four inpatient chemo until the end of March 2015.

March 23rd, 2015 Angel started his first dose of Doxorubicin (a red chemo). This particular Chemo therapy can cause Heart issues in the future and Angel was required to have an ECHO done before starting it.  Doxorubicin caused Angel to have many sad and tired days for how strong it is, it was also the one Chemo that caused Angel to completely lose his hair. This for him as well as myself was completely devastating but we did know it was going to come eventually. He was so sad that while he was in the shower he pulled his hair and said “mommy I am losing my awesome hair”. As heartbroken as I was, I just said to him that it was ok and that it’s going to grow back ten times better than before. He had to have this Chemo given to him twice with alternative weeks. He finally had his last dose by the end of April.

In the month of May 2015, Angel started with his Chemo injection which causes his ANC, Hemoglobin and Platelets to drop to its lowest point. With his numbers being so low, Angel suddenly had a fever that has come from a tooth abscess that needs to be pulled but at this time cannot be pulled because his body has a count of 0 ANC and he is unable to fight an infection. This in itself is a struggle and nerve racking knowing my son’s infection can spread. At the time that Angel gets a throbbing pain he will be sent to CHOP to receive IV antibiotics to control his infections and get his numbers to rise for the tooth to get pulled by a Dentist.

Leukemia is a battle not only for my son, but for myself and my family. He does not fight alone!  It is a battle that I as his mother have to be strong for him when my heart is breaking, and giving up is not an option! I believe positivity and attitude comes a long way for anyone who is going through a life threatening illness especially for a little one and one of your own.

As his mother, I do have my moments but never in front of Angel, I am Angel’s backbone and his encouragement. Like a saying online, I’m a Momcologist

(mom-col-o-gist) 1. A mother who specializes in the raising, treatment, and care of a child with cancer. 2. Part doctor, part nurse, full time advocate. 3. A mother of a child with cancer, who will stop at nothing to end this awful disease. 4. A guiding light, a glimmer of hope, and example of strength and weakness rolled into one.

Medical expenses are through the roof but I know that I have to do what needs to be done to make sure my son keeps getting the treatment he needs. I work four days 10hr shifts or more at times to make sure I keep my job for the health insurance and to be able to pay for his medications and copays. On Mondays I am off to be with my son who receives his Chemo weekly. Being a strong mother is the way I show Angel that this too shall pass and we will win this battle. The road at times will get bumpy (current situation) but my son is my warrior who will never give up and will win this battle that no child should ever have to battle!