Florida – Peter Crocitto




1B / 3B

6’0 / 190

DOB: 1/5/1996

Playing in:


Babe Ruth Classic – AL

7th Annual POWER SHOWCASE Results:


4 HRs

LD 433′



4 HRs


LD – 433′

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Showcase State: Florida

Primary Position: 1B

Secondary Position: 3B

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

Arm Velocity (MPH): x

Batting Average (Spring): 425

HRs Hit (Spring): 3

Run Time (60): 7.5



South Fork  H.S.Palm City, Florida

GPA: 3.5

College Commitment: University of Miami

H.S. Coach: Mike Harper

S.L. Coach: Dave Parra



Peter JR. & Louise Crocitto

9902 SW Lamar Terrace

Palm City, FL 34990

H: 772-597-0628

Peter 954-275-6510

Louise: 954-328-4881



  • MVP South Fork Baseball
  • Highest Batting Average South Fork H.S.
  • Academic Achievement Award



  • Perfect Game
  • University of Miami
  • Team One
  • 2012 Jr. National Showcase
  • 2012 Perfect Game World Championship
  • 2012 Perfect Game Underclass World Championship
  • 2012 USSSA All American Games
  • 2012 Team One Future Series East
  • FAU
  • Stetson
  • Florida State University
  • UM
fl-Peter Crocitto and Macey Gaskins jersey presentation-hrh7th Peter has partnered with Macey Gaskins for Home Runs that Help

Read about Macey

Just wanted to share with you something amazing that has come out of your Home Runs the Help program.  Last week Peter presented Macey with $6000.00 raised through donations.  This paid for her service dog’s training in full.  Without your program this would not have happened.  Thank you, not only for a great event, but for sharing in your desire to help the community.




fl-Peter,-Macey-and-Nikki-hrh-updated April 2013 -Just an update on Peter’s Home Runs That Help buddy.  Nikki finally came to live with Macey and her family and she is in the final stages of her training.  Last weekend Peter participated in the JDRF walk on “Macey’s Believers” team.  He finally got to meet Nikki, who walked with Macey.  Macey will be performing in the play Cinderella in May and Peter can’t wait to see her perform.  A true friendship has formed between Peter and Macey thanks to Home Runs that Help!  Photo of Peter and Macey with Nikki.
Local High School Baseball Player Raises $6,000.00 for Young Diabetic Fan to Train Lifesaving Service Dog Donated by Her Church

Martin County, FL—Feb. 18

—Peter Crocitto III, a baseball player at South Fork High School, recently combined his passion for the game with his desire to help a special, young local fan suffering from diabetes.  Macey Gaskins is 10-years-old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just 13 months old. When Peter learned that Macey’s family has not had a full night’s sleep since her diagnosis, he knew he needed to do something.  Her parents must check her blood sugar levels while Macey sleeps to prevent her from falling into a diabetic coma.  Realizing that money was the only thing standing in the way of Macey receiving a trained lifesaving Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D.), Peter set out to raise the $6,000.00 needed to train the dog that was purchased for her.“I have always loved the game of baseball and I know the benefits and opportunities it has provided me not only as an athlete, but also as a student,” said Crocitto.  “Recently, I also learned how I can use the sport to better the life of a child who is suffering and whose pain I can help minimize just by doing what I love and dedicating it to Macey,” he added.Peter partnered with “Home Runs That Help”, a community outreach initiative of the POWER SHOWCASE All-World/All-American Baseball Classic that was held at Marlin Stadium. “Home Runs that Help” campaign has two components.  Each POWER SHOWCASE participant’s responsibility is to reach out to their community and contact their local Children’s Hospital to partner with a local baseball fan that is suffering from a life-threatening medical condition, disability or special need.  A visit is then facilitated and a life-long relationship is forged and cultivated.  All of the home runs hit by the participant are dedicated to that special individual. The first home run ball hit by the POWER SHOWCASE participant is signed, labeled with the distance the ball actually traveled and later presented to the partner.With Macey in his heart and on his mind, Peter hit eight home runs at the POWER SHOWCASE Home Run Derby at Marlins Park raising $6,000.00.  Last week, Peter presented Macey and her family with his signed baseball and gloves and the $6,000.00 raised through his efforts and generous donations, which fully paid for the service dog’s necessary training.

Peter said that Macey now has Nikki, a friend and partner, and he shared his thanks with all of the individuals who helped to make this happen.  Nikki is nearly complete with her obedience training and is set to begin six weeks to six months of D.A.D. training.  She will be trained to recognize and immediately alert on the scent of Macey’s low and high blood sugar levels.

“Knowing this could potentially save Macey’s life and provide her family some much needed rest and relief is more rewarding than any home run I could hit,”  Crocitto said.